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The most challenging part when it comes to designing a kitchen is choosing the right materials that are durable and easy to maintain. We all want our kitchen spaces to be looking sleek and fresh all the time.

However, it can be difficult at times primarily because there are a lot of things that we do in the kitchen. Preparing meals, cooking, washing food, are just a few examples. There will be a lot of stains, grease, and food waste, and sometimes, cleaning gets a bit overwhelming.

Here we are going to discuss one of the most popular and common materials used in kitchen countertops and tabletops. This material is quartz. What is it? And what makes this material so popular? Let’s take a detailed look.

1. What Is A Quartz Table Top?

Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral made of silica. Quartz is a wonderful material for not only kitchen countertops, but also bathrooms, fireplaces, bars, and any other part of your home. Because of its durability and diversity of colors and styles, it is a highly adaptable material.

A quartz tabletop is not 100% made of quartz. It is basically a combination of a polymeric or cement-based binder, crushed up granite, marble, recycled industrial material like glass, mirrors, and ceramic.

Although the mixture may have more quartz in it, the material used for countertops is not all quartz. The combination of this variety of materials is what gives it the aesthetic textured pattern we know as quartz.


2. Vulcan Tabletop Vs Quartz: What Are the Differences?

VULCAN is a large-format sintered compact surface that is manufactured with highly sophisticated Italian machinery and technologies. A composite of clays, feldspars, kaolin, and quartz blended, compacted, and fired above 1,200 degrees Celsius, VULCAN is an impact-resistant engineered surface that is heat and fire retardant.

Quartz on the other hand is also an engineered material. Its surface is sintered which means that the material has undergone the process of sintering which imitates the natural compression of the environment. This is what gives the material its unique faults and natural appeal. A Vulcan tabletop can either be made of clay or quartz or a mixture of both.

3. Characteristics Of Quartz Tabletop

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a quartz table top is a good material choice for your kitchen.

a. Durable


Quartz can last for a very long time because it is considered one of the most durable materials along with granite and marble. Because it is an engineered material that is made by compressing other materials together, it is very compact and impermeable to damage, stains, and scratches.

If you are looking for a material for your kitchen counters or kitchen island, quartz would be a great choice. For a large kitchen where you do heavy cooking, such as cutting meat, cooking in huge pots and pans, quartz is highly suggestive compared to marble.

When your countertop is made of quartz, you can easily move around your cookware and utensils without having to worry about cracks, damages, or scratches.

b. It Has a Variety of Styles


Quartz is available in a variety of hues, including rose pink, warm reds, off whites, beige, light green, and many more. This makes it simple to incorporate into any design to create the vibe you want in your kitchen.

To produce attractive patterns and swirls, specks of pigments and other materials can be added during the current production process of quartz slabs. Whether you’re planning to create a modern kitchen or a rustic-themed kitchen vibe, a quartz kitchen counter would have a perfect style, color, and pattern to suit your style.

Due to the continuous advancement of technology, there are new ways that quartz manufacturer does to add as many designs and patterns to the quartz they produce. Simply look at the catalog of designs that manufacturers have and select the style you think would accentuate the overall look of your kitchen.

c. Easy To Maintain


Quartz countertops are low-maintenance, so all you have to do is wipe them off with soap and water when they become greasy after cooking. Because no harsh cleaning is required, you may simply use soft towels or sponges instead of scouring pads.

You don’t have to worry about bacteria or germs growing on quartz, so you may prepare your raw ingredients right on the countertop surface.

d. Does Not Require Sealing


Another thing that is great about quartz is the minimal list of “don’ts”. Unlike stones such as granite and marble, quartz requires no sealing at all to protect it from stains and other forms of marks. You only need to be careful not to make marks from a pen or other inked materials as it can cause the surface to discolor and may not easily be removed.

e. Easy To Install


Installing a quartz countertop may require the help of a contractor or a friend but this does not mean that you can’t do it yourself. Doing it yourself might be extremely challenging. However, if you are aiming to save a lot on cash or trying to challenge yourself on a new DIY activity, installing quartz is doable.

Quartz slabs are often delivered pre-cut and customized depending on your order. You can easily follow tutorials available on the internet or check out this detailed step-by-step installation guide by WikiHow right here.

f. More Affordable Compared to Marble


Quartz cost less than marble but had a higher price benchmark compared to granite. It’s kind of like the middle choice. Quartz is a great option if you prefer consistency.

Whether it’s on your kitchen countertop, kitchen island, or backsplashes, having a surface made entirely of quartz will save you money.

You will have a clean kitchen appearance and everything will be easy to maintain and look after since you will only have one material surface to clean and maintain consistently.

g. Perfect For a Contemporary Kitchen Revamp


Quartz is a great choice for those who are looking to do a quick renovation of their kitchen. For example, if you are selling your property and want to increase the value of your home, opting for a quartz material on your countertop will cost you less in expenses but will transform your house into a contemporary dream home that appeals to a lot of home buyers.

You have now learned so much about quartz tabletop and its characteristics. Is it the right material for your kitchen counter? Tell us what you think by commenting down below.

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