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The bathroom tiles are what define the interior design of a bathroom. When choosing a tiles design for toilet, there are a lot of things that need to be put into consideration. Aesthetics, strength, and affordability should all be taken into account when selecting bathroom tiles.

In order to avoid the formation of bacteria, germs, and mold, bathroom tiles should be water-resistant, anti-skid, and simple to clean. Here are ten (10) tiles design for toilet you can get inspiration from on your next bathroom renovation project.

1. Mosaic Tiles


Mosaic tiles are known as a popular floor tiles design for toilet. Any combination of tile sizes, colors, shapes, and/or materials set in a sheet for easy installation is known as mosaic tile.

They can be made of ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, metal, or mirror, and are usually set randomly or in a pattern on a mesh-mounted sheet. Because of the large number of grout lines in mosaic tile, these slip-resistant flooring solutions are ideal for wet areas such as bathroom and shower floor tiles.

2. Marble Tiles


Whether countertop, kitchen backsplash, home flooring, or bathroom, marble tiles are always a good option. Marble is usually a fantastic choice for bathroom design since it is both classic and beautiful.

Marble, on the other hand, has certain drawbacks, the most significant of which is upkeep. To avoid stains, scratches, and moisture damage, marble must be sealed once a year and cleaned on a regular basis.

3. Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles may completely change the appearance of your bathroom by adding a contemporary and trendy touch to any design. These tiles may be used to form a variety of designs and can be simply adjusted to any color combination, giving the interior of your bathroom a unique look. Geometric tiles may give your living area a fresh, modern appeal.

4. Check Pattern

Check pattern tiles design for toilet are those black and white squares that look chic and trendy. It is a playful tile design perfect for classical bathrooms and modern ones. This tile pattern is playful and visually eye-catching.

You can either position the tiles in a square grid or diamond layout. The choice is up to you. Just make sure that you don’t make any mistakes when installing them or else, one misplaced tile will ruin the whole pattern.

5. Argyle Pearl Pattern


The Argyle pattern is inspired by the pattern of argyle on fabric. It is a diamond pattern with different variations of colors. This pattern is just as playful as the check pattern but more subtle in appearance since it is typically a combination of similar hued colors, although you can select different colors depending on how colorful you like your bathroom to be.

6. Hexagon Tiles


Pretty much self-explanatory, hexagon tiles are shaped as such. It is usually installed with a variety of colors, often patterned. But perhaps, one of the trendiest hexagon tiles design for toilet is the gradation of tile color from lighter to darker.

It is what makes bathrooms with hexagonal tiles so popular. It adds character and stylishness to the bathroom and as a result, hexagon tile will continue to be fashionable and trendy for many years to come. 

7. Herringbone Tiles


Herringbone tile patterns are small-format tiles that create dramatic feature walls, tiles patterned in this way are making a significant effect in the kitchen and bathroom trend worldwide.

We all know herringbone is a popular kitchen backsplash but it also slays in the bathroom, giving the bathroom that chic, contemporary and minimalistic appeal. If you desire more fine decoration in certain locations, herringbone mosaic tiles are available in teal white, black, and other colors.

8. Brick Tiles Design for Toilet


Brick is perhaps one material that will never go out of style. Brick is not only for outdoors, rustic kitchens, and fireplaces. In fact, brick tiles in bathrooms are gaining popularity, taking platforms like Instagram and Pinterest by storm.

This type of aesthetic has an earthly, natural appeal which can make a bathroom feel like a sanctuary in nature. Brick tiles can be of any color depending on your bathroom’s color palette.

9. Natural Earth Slate


Natural earth slates are typically installed on bathroom walls. It is a great way to include nature or add an element of nature in the bathroom space. Bathrooms with natural earth slate are usually those in hotels, resorts, and grand houses and mansions located in tropical areas.

It is not for a typical bathroom in condos or small apartment units. Nonetheless, it is a good material for designing high-end luxury showers and baths.

10. Tiny Square Tiles


You need a lot of these tiles if you wish to fill your bathroom walls and floors. It is basically square tiles that are so tiny the typical dimensions are 2×2 or 3×3 inches. These tiles are best for minimalistic spaces.

You also have the choice to select different colors depending on your design. Small bathrooms with tiny square tiles have all-white tiles since it creates an illusion of a spacious bathroom. 

11. Subway Tiles

Though those early subway tiles were constructed of white glass, subway tile takes its name from the appearance of the tiles in the New York City subway system. It is a rectangular, thick, low-fired, glazed ceramic tile that is generally 3×6 inches in size.

However, it is available in a range of sizes for usage in the house such as in the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, floors, including shower walls. Subway tiles are installed in the same way as bricks. The style is referred to as running bond.

Deciding on the tiles design for toilet is challenging. With the variety of colors, patterns, and material specifications to choose from, it is easy to get lost in the process. Before you visit a tile store to buy, make sure that you have your bathroom interior design plan ready as well as a mood board and specification list to follow.

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