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If you though that there can never be a bed that can provide both practical sizing and comfort in a small interior, then you’re in for a surprise. With the rising popularity of minimal living and small interiors becoming predominantly favored, the need for custom made and smaller but comfortable furniture has become a demand in itself.

While sofas and dining tables can be designed to fit to a specific size, the same cannot be said for most beds. Let’s address the elephant in the room; out of all the furniture pieces, it is the bed that takes up most space since it is often designed to be bulky and big. And while there are several different sized beds out there, when it comes to finding the right size for your space, it is often a hit and miss.

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Small space rooms often utilize double size or full size beds and smaller rooms utilize single beds. But the drawback of each of these bed sizes is that the double size or full size bed could also take up most of the space, leaving you little floor space to work with. The same can be said for the single bed in the sense that although it does provide you with a lot of floor space, you won’t feel the right comfort since you are a bit restricted.

But what if you could combine both aspects of these bed sizes? What if there were a bed size that is both space efficient and comfortable at the same time? What if we told you there was such a bed size. This particular bed size is somewhere in between a single bed and a full bed. It is called the super single bed size. Now what exactly is this bed size and how is it different and unique? Here are a few facts about this particular bed size and how it is applied and used in various interiors.



Let’s start with what it is exactly and why it is called that. The human biometrics or anthropometrics as it is called, have a series of tried and tested measurements that provide comfort and convenience when it comes to construction and furniture. The average person measures at least 70cm in width. That means they can fit in any space that measures at least 70cm and above.

Most single beds measure at 90cm in width and at 190cm in length, though the length can vary depending on the height of the person. The reason for the extra 20cm width is so that when you lie down or rest, you still have ample space to move or sleep sideways apart from lying flat on your back. However, there are some who need more than just 10cm on either side. A super single bed size measures at least 107cm in width or at least an additional 20% of your standard single bed. It is called this because apart from the difference in width, it can house one person and still provide more space and comfort as would any full or queen size bed would. In layman’s terms, this particular bed size is neither big nor small for a smaller space.



Now, you might be thinking that this is the universal size for every super single bed. Not exactly, though. While these sizes are the standard, there are other sizes for it, depending on both the customer and the country. Super single bed sizes are practically exclusive to Singapore, Japan and China; although the Japan and China ones differ by a few centimeters.

  • The Chinese one measures at 100cm in width by 200cm in length; which is quite convenient if you happen to be a bit taller.
  • The Japanese one measures at 110cm in width by 195cm in length; giving ample space for moving around and getting a good night’s sleep. 

So it is safe to say that not all super singles are the same. And when choosing your preferred mattress and bed, try not to rely too much on the indicated sizes. As much as possible, bring your own steel tape and measure it. Take note also of your intended bedroom area and measure. See which size fits perfectly before you purchase it.  It would be a hassle if you bought it and it won’t fit, right?



Just because it is a different size single, it doesn’t mean it’s drastically pricey. Far from it. A super single bed size mattress can range from being S$150 to almost S$6,000, depending on the thickness of the mattress as well as brand and type. It stands to reason that the higher and thicker the mattress, the pricier it is and if it were manufactured in another country, you can be sure that it would be a bit higher. But if you were to compare it to regular single sizes, you will find that there is a small difference if you were to buy a single.

Consider also that with most prices, it also comes with a set warranty with the most expensive coming with a 15 year warranty. The type of mattress is also taken into consideration; for example, you might require an orthopedic mattress or senso memory foam mattress for a more comfortable night’s rest. However which way you look at it, one thing is for certain, when you purchase your super single, you are investing in a onetime purchase that will last you a good long time.



We come to the more fun and interesting part where we talk about the kind of beds you can have for your super single. We mentioned earlier that while the single size is often preferred for small spaces, it also limits the amount of space when they toss and turn in their sleep. And if there is one thing that most homeowners agree on, it is that they prefer comfort and rest above all else. After all, who wants to come home after a long day of work and sleep in a slightly comfortable bed? Not many, right? That being said, here are a few things you need to know when it comes to super single bed frame sizes.

  • Not all super single beds have the same size. We have mentioned about varying sizes of the super single mattress, so it stands to reason that not all bed frames will be exactly the same. Assuming you had purchased your mattress before buying the bedframe, it is important to note the width and length of the mattress so as to check with the frame if it will fit. You don’t want your mattress to not fit in the bed frame right?
  • Most bedframes will be at least 10cm wider than your mattress. And there is a reason for it. It is designed so that when you place your mattress and bedsheet on top, there is still space for you to tuck your sheets in, effectively making your mattress fit to the frame.
  • And perhaps, the most important fact to consider is that all beds have super single sizes. There may be some that are abundant, but if you have a preference and it is not available in that size, chances are you might be considering getting your bed custom made. Bear in mind though that custom made beds, or customized furniture for that matter, will always be a bit pricier than readymade ones. This is due in part to the materials that will be used when making your preferred bed.



We talked about beds coming in super single sizes. But not all beds are available in these sizes. More often than not, a good way to make the most out of a space is to custom make your furniture so that it can incorporate more than one type of furniture. Some of the most popular space saving beds often incorporate storage for clothes, books and even pull out pieces like tables and work desks. Here are several ways you can custom your super single bed to fit your space.

  • If you have a large window, you can actually create a custom made super single day bed. You can place it against the window and add some overhead cabinets and shelves.
  • Another space saving furniture piece you can custom make is a bed with a pull out bed. This is quite useful if you happen to have guests over. You can have a box bed made with a trundle pull out for more sleeping space. You can even make it either the same size or your standard single size.
  • Speaking of space saving beds, you can also make your super single bed have storage for your linens. You can have it where your storage access is hidden under your super single bed size mattress and it can be lifted via a handle. This storage can house linens, blankets and seasonal clothes depending on what you want.

Whether you opt for a single or a super single, the most important thing you need to remember is that you should prioritize comfort and practicality above all else when furnishing your home.

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