Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in Singapore

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About Kitchen Sinks in Singapore


The kitchen must be functional more than aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetics and function must come hand in hand when designing a kitchen or renovating one. One must think of the right fixtures, appliances, and utilities to install when designing a kitchen for convenient and efficient use.

One of the most important and frequently used appliances in the kitchen is the sink. A good sink can be an asset to the kitchen. It can make cooking and cleaning faster and makes doing simple tasks easier.

When looking for a kitchen sink in Singapore to buy, don’t just buy the very first sink that you see in the store. You must also consider its style, function, size, and features. In this blog, we gathered the top 10 best kitchen sinks in Singapore. You can use this as your buying guide to narrow down your choices.

First things first.

Where To Buy Kitchen Sinks in Singapore?

The first step to buying the best kitchen sink for your home is to know exactly where to buy it. There are three main places where you can find high-quality sink appliances. These are the followings:

1. Hardware Stores


Go to any physical hardware stores near you and check what kitchens they have on display. Going to a hardware store is ideal because you can physically inspect the sink yourself and decide whether to purchase it or not based on what you see.

2. Appliance Stores


Another place where you can find kitchen sinks are in appliance stores. Depending on what is nearer or more convenient for you, you can either go to a hardware store or an appliance store. They will most likely have kitchen sinks on display that can be readily purchased.

3. Online


Lastly, there are online stores. Check the websites of the most popular sink brands and view other brands they have on the website. If you want to compare prices, features, and size, shopping for kitchen sink in Singapore online is the best way.  

Here Are The Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in Singapore


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This kitchen sink has a large capacity for use and is very easy to maintain. It has scratch-resistant and oil-proof edge technology that makes it attractive and durable. Moreover, its bottom X shape and pour guideline design allow water to pour out rapidly to keep your kitchen sink dry and clean.

You can shop this sink right here:


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This type of sink has a maximum bowl capacity which is composed of a huge primary bowl and a smaller additional bowl. This sink is easy to maintain, and has an anti-bacterial and dirt-repellent effect. The sink is also scratch proof and resistant. If you are looking for a modern sink with efficient features that is perfect for ease of use and convenience in a contemporary kitchen, definitely go for this sink.

Shop this sink right here:


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Kohler Aleo is a single-bowl sink made of stainless steel. Its best features are its exceptional sound absorption technology that decreases the sound that stainless steel makes when washing dishes. It also reduces condensation and maintains the water temperature.

Know more about think sink here:


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Another best-seller sink is the Blanco Plenta 6 Stainless Steel Sink. This sink is made of stainless steel which offers several benefits such as smoothness and non-porous. It is made of soft steel which means it won’t acquire a rusty smell. The sink is also rust-proof, easy to clean, and heat-resistant.

Get the sink here:


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The surface of this sink is made of 80% granite. This means that the sink is tough, stain-resistant and impact resistant and is made of last for a long period of time. It also has a non-porous material which makes it impossible for bacteria to thrive. Among other features, Bareno Cristadur Signus also has a very streamlined and contemporary look which makes it the best choice for modern kitchens.

Shop this sink here:—-


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The material of this sink is high-class granite. It is extremely durable, heat-resistant, and scratch resistant on top of being a unique addition to a contemporary kitchen. Its finish is matte black which is perfect for minimalist kitchens or kitchens with a black-and-white color scheme. If you are looking for a minimalist kitchen sink in Singapore, this is the right sink for you.

Get this sink here:—-


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If you are looking for a kitchen sink with a variety of features aside from it being easy to clean, Song-cho stainless steel is the one. We all know that sinks made of stainless steel are resistant to water, heat, mold, corrosion, and other types of elements that can damage a sink. Song-scho is made of a stainless steel that is hygienic so you can ensure that your sink will last for a long period of time and still look as good as new.

Get this sink here:

8. RUBINE COX 810-49U

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If you are simply looking for an affordable under-mount sink to replace your old one, this sink is a popular choice. Its size is the standard that is used in most condo units and HDB units. It has a very straightforward design and is made of high-quality material manufactured by a reliable brand.

Shop this sink right here:


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Not sure what type of sink to choose? Browse through Hansgrohe catalog of kitchen sinks and compare prices, sizes, and features of their sinks. The brand is a well-known brand selling kitchen sinks in Singapore. Their kitchen sinks are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to provide optimal efficiency in the kitchen.

Check out Hansgrohe sinks here:

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This single-bowl sink is timelessly elegant. A sink that is made of silgranit is extremely durable. It is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and very easy to clean. What makes it different from sinks made of stainless steel is its elegant look that fits well in contemporary and elegant spaces. Whether you have a traditional or a modern kitchen, the Blanco Pleon can perfectly blend right into the composition.

Get the sink here:

Whether you are planning to redesign your kitchen or renovate a house to sell, you need the right information on kitchen sink in Singapore to know exactly the right sink to buy. We hope this blog has helped you decide which sink is best and we hope you find and purchase the right sink. Need help with redesigning your kitchen? Tell us in the comments or reach us through email!

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