Cement Screed Wall: The Ultimate Wall Treatment 2024


What Do You Know About Cement Screed Wall?

Whether you want to admit it or not, an interior’s wall finish can either make or break the overall aesthetic of the room. Paint, wallpaper, or even accent material mounting, the wall is perhaps the most defining element in any style.

In this modern age of innovation and redefining styles, material finishes are constantly evolving. One such material is cement screed. This particular finish gives off a polished concrete look as the screed is a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water; which is then mixed to form a smooth paste and applied on a surface. Once dry, you are met with a hard, firm, and durable surface.


While it is often used in flooring, designers have seen the potential application of the finish on walls and in particular areas of the space. This results in stunningly beautiful interiors. And believe it or not, you can incorporate this finish into your interior. Here is how some designers have applied cement screed walls in some interiors and how you can apply it. 

1. What Can It Do For Your Walls?


As stated earlier, a cement screed is a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water, which when mixed and applied to any surface, produces a firm, durable and polished look. Simply put, it acts like a varnish for cement surfaces. It can also level off any uneven surface, similar to how wall putty is used before paint is applied. 

Cement screed walls make ordinary and raw cement look polished and your walls seamless and neat. It also provides a no-frills, appealing finish that is often paired or complemented with various styles and other finishes.

2. The Application Of Cement Screed Wall

Now that we have understood what it can do, it’s time to apply them. There are several ways and styles you can incorporate cement screed into:

• Industrial Style

The unfinished look is often associated with the industrial style. This style is characterized by the use of unfinished concrete, raw building materials, and exposed pipes. While raw brick and exposed concrete are common for wall finishes, some homeowners will eventually grow tired of the look. Particularly the exposed raw concrete when it starts showing hairline cracks.


If you would like a more polished version of the raw concrete, you can apply some screed on the surface. Depending on how much is applied, a cement screed wall can make a space look either masculine or feminine. You don’t necessarily have to have the entire wall space treated with screed. You can have a wall treated with it and that will become an accent wall. Some popular accent walls can be seen in foyer areas, entertainment areas, living room areas, and even dining room areas

To soften the overall look, you can pair the wall with wood slats, panel boards, and even metal grids. You can set a modular sofa against the wall or even a modern dining set. You can go the extra mile by installing wall art to further bring out its industrial look.

• Used For Kitchen Walls

Image source: mynicehome.gov.sg

Kitchens require a lot of work, especially if you are the type who will be using them daily; hence the need to invest in premium materials and finishes. Usually, kitchen walls would have tiled backsplashes, but over time, tiles would fall out, and finding a replacement tile would be hard since there would be a possibility that the tile in question would either be sold out or hard to find. Instead of using a tiled backsplash, why not use a screed instead?

cement screed kitchen wall is perfect for kitchens that are constantly used daily. Especially in cooking and washing. Since screed application creates a firm and durable surface, it is more than ideal since it can withstand heat and moisture. It is also perfect for an industrial style or modern style kitchen as it evokes a polished, minimalist look. To get the most out of the look, opt for a light variant as it can add more depth to a space. You can pair this wall with a kitchen with white or dark gray cabinetry.

3. Alternatives To Cement


Now, you might be thinking that applying screed can be quite of a handful since you will need to make sure each application is evenly spread. Or perhaps, you live in a condominium or property that has strict rules when it comes to certain types of renovations; particularly the walls. So the question is, is there an alternative to cement screed that is both efficient in the application and cost? The answer is yes. Several paint suppliers have products that could imitate the look and feel of cement screed walls.

These cement screed wall paints come in various types of finished textures and are easy to use, quick to dry, and readily available in most hardware stores. This alternative is perfect for spaces; particularly in buildings with strict rules on wall renovations. Simply apply the paint onto the finished wall and the result is a beautiful, polished wall that mimics the effect of a screed. You can also opt to hire a painter or contractor to paint on your walls since they can ensure an even and polished wall.


In conclusion, is cement screed really an ultimate wall treatment? Is it a lot better than simple paint or wallpaper?

Truth is, having a more polished and durable wall finish is what every designer and homeowner would like. Most especially since redoing the wall would cost time and money so more often than not, wall finishes are usually designed to last a lot longer. And when it comes to longevity and durability, that is where cement screed comes in. And the best part of cement screed is that it is quite easy to clean and maintain. 

So if you are considering having cement screed walls, be sure to invest in good quality materials and a highly recommended contractor who can apply them. After all, you deserve to have a lovely space to come home to.

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