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A DB box or distribution board is an essential element to have in a home. It is considered part of your residence’s utility. It is an electrical supply system component that distributes energy and power throughout the house. Without it, your electrical system may not be safe or not work at all. Every HDB units have DB boxes.

It’s just impossible not to have them because they’re built in the system. But if you have entered a home or seen a house with no sign of a DB box, don’t be fooled. Chances are, the owner or designer of the interior space is good at hiding or camouflaging it. There are a lot of HDB DB box design ideas you can do to completely conceal your DB box. Dive right into the article to find out what these are:

1. Inside A Cabinet

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If you just moved into your newly-bought HDB unit, find where the DB box is located. Your real estate agent might have informed you where during the house viewing so you probably know where it is. If it isn’t hidden, it is easy to spot. It is typically covered in a white or gray metal door.

To conceal it with a cabinet, build a small wooden cabinet with its dimension and make it look like an ordinary cupboard on the wall. You can paint over the cabinet door to camouflage it with the rest of the wall or you can also finish the wooden cabinet to create a rustic contrast within the space.

2. Storage Space

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Hide it in the storage space. In some small HDB apartments, lack of storage space is a common problem. To solve this, consider building a storage space to cover your walls. It could be a floor-to-ceiling closet or just a small double door cabinet with the size that’s enough to hide the visible DB box on the wall.

If it is located in a space where a closet does not fit in the context such as in the kitchen, build a small storage cabinet that looks like a cupboard but in actuality, it is just an HDB DB box design door hiding the electrical distribution board.

3. Camouflaged Panels


Not sure whether a cabinet or storage space will fit on the wall where your DB box is located? Camouflaged it on the wall. If your wall is painted white, paint white over it. Make it as hidden as it can be if you don’t want the gray rectangular box popping out of the walls.

Visible DB boxes can sometimes be a visual bomber in your interior design scheme. It can be a bit frustrating but don’t fret or worry too much just paint over it meticulously and make sure you don’t leave uneven strokes or unpainted areas.

4. Mirror Panels HDB DB box design


Hang a mirror to cover your DB box. Mirrors are used a lot in interior design to make the space appear bigger and make it brighter. Placing mirror panels is a great HDB DB box design to hide the electricity distribution board. Who would’ve thought that behind the sleek array of mirror panels lies your home’s circuitry panel right?

Another advantage of mirrors is that they can be placed anywhere. So, whether your DB box is in the kitchen, hallway, entryway or living area, placing a mirror would not disrupt the interior design flow of your space. It is very versatile, modern, and clean to look at.

5. Behind a Painting


Covering the DB box with a painting is also another solution. You’ve probably seen this technique in the movies before – where people have hidden cabinets or vaults behind their precious art pieces. The idea is somewhat the same but instead of vaults or cabinets, you have your DB board.

It is the simplest and most straightforward way of hiding a DB board. You don’t need to spend so much time and effort on building a cabinet or painting over your DB board door to hide it. However, not in all cases, a painting is the best option. Try to see and analyze whether it is fit to place a painting in that particular area of the wall where your DB box is placed.

6. Hang a Tapestry

DB boxes are typically located near the kitchen, service area, hallways or entryways. In instances where a painting or artwork is not deemed appropriate to be on that part of the wall, tapestries are there to save the day.

Tapestries are easy to place. Just hang it and voila! Your DB box is now hidden. You don’t need to install it as you would do to a painting. You can also change it from time to time when you switch decors or just want a fresh new look for your wall.

7. In The Mudroom Cabinet Storage


For DB boxes that are located in the entryway, you can improvise a small storage corner to hide them. Create a tiny mudroom where you can build storage to place shoes, slippers, boots, sports and fitness accessories, and other stuffs. You can then use that storage to hide your DB box.

Placing the DB box this way will make it easier for you to access it whenever needed. Just simply open up the storage and open the HDB DB box design from there. Mudrooms are stylish and useful, providing you with greater organization and storage. Not only can a mudroom add value to your house, but it also protects your valuables. 

There’s actually a lot of HDB DB box design you can do to hide your DB box. You don’t have to worry about it sticking out of the wall and ruining the style of your interior space. If your HDB box is located in an area where it’s hard to conceal or decorate, don’t worry. Chances are you only need to create a unique and customized feature to completely hide it from plain sight. Reach out to us by emailing us and we’re sure to help.

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    How much in DB box convert into shelf or storage. I want the door has a hole to let heat to run out?

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