#9 Platform Bed Designs 2024 (Fresher Bedroom Look)


What Is A Platform Bed?


A platform bed, unlike a panel bed, has a larger solid base that is meant to support a mattress and does not require the extra support of a box spring or mattress foundation. Platform beds are a little lower in height than most other beds. Many people choose platform beds because they have a more modern and contemporary appearance.

Unlike panel beds, platform beds may be altered to meet a variety of styles. Some beds can be folded, tucked into the walls, and other space-saving options, as well as platform bed frames that are the same height as the mattress, which are great for small apartments. 

Here are #9 of the most popular platform bed design ideas we think you will totally love.

1. Wooden Platform for Bed


We all know that wood is the most popular construction and design element in interior design. And when it comes to beds, wood surely tops as the most commonly used material for bed frames and bed designs.

Platform beds made of wood are a great addition to any bedroom. It’s not just an ingenious way of embracing nature and incorporating warmth and coziness into a space. It is also a versatile material that can look absolutely good no matter what interior design style you want to have in your bedroom.

2. Platform Bed with Storage


Many people consider bed frames with storage underneath to be bulky and unattractive. When looking for a bed with a space-saving design solution, the truth is that you don’t have to forgo beauty for functionality.

Many elegant and trendy platform bed designs with storage areas exist. Platform beds without handles or notches are available with drawers on both sides. Handles might be unsightly, and you don’t want your bed to resemble a massive drawer in your bedroom. A platform bed with flushing drawers might be an excellent alternative.

3. Floating Platform Bed Frame


The term “floating platform bed frame” refers to a bed that appears to float since it is not supported by legs. This is because the legs are built closer to the middle of the platform, giving the impression that the bed is unsupported.

Floating beds have a modern look that may appeal to people who are trying to arrange a small bedroom. This is a basic and beautiful design style that is typically seen in Nordic or Scandinavian interiors.

4. Platform Bed Designs Without Headboard


While headboards are a common feature of beds, they aren’t always necessary. Having a platform bed without a headboard allows you to be more creative have new ideas on how to decorate the headboard area. You can choose to leave the bed as it is, simple and minimalistic, or come up with a unique idea and customize your own headboard.

Beds without headboards are widely appreciated today since many people are leaning into a more practical and functional way of decorating. Instead of a traditional tufted headboard, many would want to have a headboard that doubles as storage space or a flushed headboard that is neatly pushed up against the wall to conserve room.

5. Sleek and Stylish Platform Bed


Sharp lines, a subdued palette, and a stripped-down elegance are what define a sleek and stylish platform bed. Platform beds can be made of wood or metal, and are comparable to minimalistic bed frames in concept.

Intricate patterns and other types of adornment are absent from platform bed frames. Instead, they are simple and uncomplicated, making them excellent for bedrooms with a contemporary design.

6. Space-Saving Platform Bed


Aside from beds with drawers underneath, there are a variety of platform bed styles that are perfect for small rooms. Space-saving beds have platform frames because this type of design is pretty straightforward.

With the absence of a footboard and a headboard, this type of bed can be easily altered or transformed into different forms. You can fold it, tuck it into a wall similar to a Murphy bed, or convert it into a sofa or daybed whenever necessary.

7. Platform Bed With Slatted Base


Slats are a sort of bed foundation. They’re made up of a series of interconnected bars that run the length of the frame. These bars, which are made of hardwood like pine or beech, operate in tandem with your mattress to offer support.

Solid slats or sprung slats are the two types of slats available. Many people say that a bed with a slatted bed makes the mattress cooler, therefore helping you have a more relaxing and breathable sleep.

8. Steel Frame Platform Bed


Metal bed frames are as common as wooden frames. While there are quite a few people who claim that sleeping on a metal bed can disrupt your sleep and may be harmful to your health, this is actually a hoax.

Whether you sleep on a wooden bed frame or a steel frame, you can’t really tell the difference except perhaps if one of the mattresses is uncomfortable. The materials however of the bed frame, have nothing to do with the quality of your sleep. A steel frame platform bed is durable and lightweight. Its simple and practical style fits the modern bedroom context.

9. Platform Bed With Canopy


While canopy beds are normally seen in children’s bedrooms, this does not mean that an adult can’t have one. Canopy beds are inherently playful. Its unique design feature makes the bed a central element and the focal point of a room. They evoke that grand classical vibe that can make any space feel like a royalty’s bedroom.

However, canopy beds have evolved over time. Traditionally, a canopy bed has a headboard and a footboard. But today, you can find canopy beds with contemporary designs. Some of which adapts the platform bed frame design. These beds are commonly seen in tropical or coastal styled bedrooms. It creates a more open and breezier atmosphere which is ideal in beach resorts and hotels.

There you have our best ideas for platform beds. If you are thinking of redesigning your bedroom or looking for bedroom design ideas, there’s no reason why you should not go for a platform bed. However, we still advise you to keep on researching to really find out whether or not, a platform bed is the right bed design to have in your bedroom. Need our assistance? Comment below your questions or send us an email and let us know how we can best help you.

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