Pendant Light in Singapore (for the Dining Area)

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About Pendant Lights in Singapore


Pendant lights are one of the most popular types of lighting used in interior design. This type of lighting is considered part of general lighting or ambient lighting which illuminates the entire room and is responsible for creating the overall ambiance of a room. On top of that, pendant lights are also considered decorative pieces.

They are used to add character and style to a room. Because of this, designers must carefully choose the type of pendant lights to be used in a room to make the interior design coherent and consistent. Pendant lights, when hung in the dining room or above the kitchen island can instantly steal the attention of the guests or anyone entering the kitchen. It can be a great focal point when properly integrated into the space.

How To Choose Pendant Light Singapore for The Dining?


There is a variety of pendant lights that you can find in stores. Some of them are designed for the living room, hallways, outdoor areas, kitchens, and dining room. To know which pendant light to buy among the countless options you need to narrow down your search by being clear on your purpose of buying one in the first place.

Where are you going to place this pendant light? Is it above your kitchen island, or above your dining table? Is it in the hallways? In the living room? Determine this first so you will know how many, what size, and what type of pendant light you should be purchasing.

Secondly, determine the interior design style that you want to achieve in your home. Are you going for a contemporary or minimalist aesthetic? Perhaps you’re thinking of something rustic or industrial. Or maybe you prefer mid-century modern or traditional. Whatever interior design style you wish to style your interior with, there are Singapore pendant lights that will complement it.

Below, we have curated the best pendant light for the dining table. This list will help you have an initial idea of what type of pendant light to buy to improve the look of your dining room.

The Best Pendant Lights for Dining Tables

1. Multi-light Pendants for 6-Seater Dining Table


Multi-light pendants refer to the type of pendant lighting that come in sets. There are usually 3 pendant lights or drop lights that are attached to a central fixture. The number of pendant lights can go up to 4 depending on how big the dining table or kitchen island is. Another form of multi-pendant lights is what we call pendant cord lights wherein instead of being connected to one fixture, each light is hung by a cord.

2. Globe Pendant Lights


Another type of pendant light commonly used in dining areas is the globe pendant light. These are spherical-shaped lights that are clustered together and hung in the center of the dining table. This is a good lighting source in the dining room if you want to have evenly distributed light.

3. Drum Shape Pendant Lights


A cylindrical-shaped pendant light is a more unconventional type of lighting fixture to have. Cylindrical lights are often seen in the form of table lamps that are placed on side tables and console tables. However, designers are coming up with new and ingenious ways to use this unique shape as a form of pendant lights. You’ll often find these types of lighting fixtures in minimalist and unconventional interior styles (Bohemian, Maximalist, Minimalist, and Japandi).

4. Rustic Shade Pendants


A rustic shade pendant light is a type of lighting fixture that is used in creating a rustic or industrial-styled interior spaces. It is made of brass, copper, or porcelain shades and comes in a variety of colors. Because you can paint the shade, you can be creative with your shade pendants. It is also best used in sets which means, you should have more than one of these on your kitchen or dining so it would create a unified look.

5. Modern Glass Pendants


If you are simply looking for a pendant light Singapore that is versatile and can blend smoothly in whatever interior design style you choose, then go for the modern glass pendants. Glass pendants are stylish and sophisticated. The different shape of their shade lends a timeless elegant appeal that will make any dining area look extraordinary. Its modern and functional features are great additions to any space.

6. Vintage Pendant Lights


There are probably no other pendant lights that can add character and charm to any dining room other than vintage lighting fixtures. Examples of vintage-style pendant lights are those lighting fixtures with metal or brass shades, painted with pastel-colored finishes. Vintage pendant lights add drama and create a unique ambiance in the space. It is the kind of decorative lighting that evokes charm and a sense of nostalgia in a room.

7. Minimalist Caged Pendant Lights


If you are looking for the perfect statement pieces to add to your dining room, get a caged pendant light. Caged pendant lights are, basically, light bulbs within a stylishly structured cage. They are often used in industrial-styled interior spaces because the cages are made of metal which lends an industrial feel.  It creates an amazing effect on the interior as it throws patterns of shadows in the wall. Moreover, its appearance creates a start visual contrast especially when it is placed in a room with a neutral color scheme.

8. Wooden Claw Pendant Lights

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Another favorite pendant light among interior designers and homeowners alike is the pendant light made of wood. Wood is a flexible material to have in the interior. It adds warmth and creates a good visual aesthetic. A wooden claw pendant light is structured in a way that encloses the bulb. Its unique style and shape are wonderful additions to any space whether in the dining area, kitchen, hallway, or living room.

Designing the interior lighting of a particular space is not just about choosing the best and most stylish pendant lights in Singapore. Things like ambiance, lighting temperature, visual effect, and the right fall of the shadows should also be taken into consideration. If you are planning to redo the interior lighting design of your space, start by consulting the insights of an expert. With the right advice, you’ll be able to achieve your dream interior fast and with fewer mistakes. Need help with designing your home’s lighting? Contact our team today!

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