Kitchen Wall Tiles In Singapore (Comprehensive Guide 2023)



One of the most interesting features that adds a bit of personality and charm to every kitchen is the wall tiles. While some opt to have their walls painted or wallpapered with just about any pattern or look. But in more recent times, designers and homeowners alike have noticed that by installing tiles on the wall, it makes the kitchen look more inviting as ever. It actually makes the kitchen more than a place where you prepare and cook your meals; it becomes a living space that can entertain and delight everyone who enters.

Tiles have slowly become one of the most versatile building materials owing to the fact that innovative designs and patterns are constantly being created to suit just about any interior style imaginable. Tiles provide a smooth, clean look and in a way compliments the rough feel of the solid and hard countertop.

So here are some of the most popular design ideas for kitchen wall tiles and what you can do to achieve this.

1. Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles


A popular choice because of its clean, modern industrial look, subway tiles give off a simple and polished look with its straight or beveled edges; smooth glossy surface and multiple color choices. Often coming in a standard 30x10cm rectangle, subway tiled backsplashes are a favored kitchen wall tiles method often seen in various styles like the Scandinavian look, the Minimalist look, the Industrial look and of course, the Modern Contemporary look.

Popular colors for subway tiles include the classic white, which is often used to provide a clean and polished look; blacks and grays for a more masculine aesthetic; reds and browns for an industrial look reminiscent of brick houses and even bold colors like teals for a daring take on the jewel tones.

2. Mosaic Tiles


When you hear the word, mosaic, the first thing that comes to mind is small pieces gathered together to make a bigger picture or artwork. The same can be said for mosaic tiles, although in this case, they are square tiles of a particular color palette, usually monochromatic or complementing, that are used to create a monochromatic tiled wall very reminiscent of Classical mosaic walls.

Mosaic tiles are another option for kitchen wall tiles as they are straight to the point and can cover a specific area in the wall without running the risk of wasting or cutting your tiles up. Popular colors for mosaic tiles include grays, bronzes, blues, and combinations of red and black or yellow and green and even browns.

3. Tiles in Different Shapes


Nowadays, employing the use of geometric elements in one’s interior is slowly becoming a trend on itself. One of the most popular tile shapes is the hexagon shape which can create a uniquely modern wall with these tiles. If you like how a honeycomb pattern looks like, you can use either the same colored tile or you can create a soccer ball like effect and combine two to even four colors of the hexagon tiles.

Apart from hexagon shaped tiles, you can also try out triangle shaped tiles for a Nordic take on the walls or even rectangular shaped tiles if you are still partial to a somewhat clean and orderly look. Trying out a tile in a different shape gives you the opportunity to have an uncanny and unique take on tiled walls.

4. Classic Stone and Marble


You can never go wrong with the classics. Especially if your kitchen happens to gravitate towards the classic style. But in today’s era where the past meets the present to create a new and improved take on the classics that it can also be categorized as the new luxury or Lux style.

While some classic kitchens would go for a traditional terrazzo tiled wall, other kitchens take a cue from its signature use of ceramic, marble and stone elements and incorporate them in modern kitchen walls. You will find some modern kitchens, with its use of straight lines and space saving accessories, have incorporated for its wall a stone or marbled tile finish. Sometimes, these tiles can help make an otherwise masculine looking kitchen into a gentle, sophisticated kitchen worthy of hosting 5 star dinners.

Classic stone and marble that showcase luxurious colors such as beige, gray, white and often times, gold or silver, are just some of the tiles used in many of these modern classic hybrids. The best thing about having these tiles is that due to its size, usually ranging from 60x60cm to 120cmx120cm, it could easily cover up the entire space with just a few pieces; all while giving off a smooth, glossy texture to the overall look.

5. Moroccan and Spanish Tiles


Another type of tile that is making its way into every kitchen wall is the Moroccan and Spanish tiles. And no, this doesn’t mean it comes all the way from the cultural cities of Spain and Morocco; but rather from how it is made and how it looks. Moroccan and Spanish tiles, also called ‘majolica’, are tiles made out of local clays and painted with unique designs that give off a bright, almost ethnic looking aesthetic.

These two tiles, though different in nature, each derive Arabesque motifs such as the Ogee and incorporate them into their designs. You will notice that not all tiles have the same repetitive pattern. Some even have variants that actually complement one another. Homeowners who have plain neutral kitchens tend to incorporate these colorful tiles and create an eclectic look that is both culturally diverse and a break from the usual.

Apart from these tiles serving as a kitchen’s backsplash, it can also serve as the kitchen’s accent wall.

6. An ‘Oh Naturale’ Vibe

If classic stone and marble is associated with classic and luxurious kitchens, then wood tiles are the go to piece for every simple and rustic style kitchen out there. It has long been observed that many people, regardless of their line of work, have always looked to nature for inspiration to relax. And what better way to relax than to bring a bit of nature indoors.

A good and subtle to bring in nature is by employing the use of wood tiles in your kitchen walls. Not only do they have many wood variants to choose from, they give off the right amount of raw nature while maintaining a more polished and well put look altogether. It also balances out the kitchen cabinets and the open space by providing a focal point in the form of kitchen wall tiles

Some of the popular wood tile variants include ash wood, mahogany, maple, oak, light oak, wengue, beech wood, ebony and so on. Apart from having them lined up, you can arrange your wood tiles in different arrangements like bricked offsets, zigzags and the ever popular chevron array. Try mixing up two different wood variants; you might actually like how it looks on your wall.

7. A BOLD Pop of Color


At this point, you might be getting overwhelmed with so many tile options to choose from. And this is true. Especially when you go to a store and you are met with piles upon piles of tiles that you can’t seem to decide whether you should get square tiles or wooden plank tiles or even tiles with interesting patterns and textures. But despite all that, there is another simple way of having the most creative and extraordinary looking kitchen wall.

Now what is this simple way, you might ask? Why, it’s employing tiles of the same color variant and putting them on your wall. Simple right? But here’s the catch; you have to pick a color that is bright, vibrant and will most definitely pop.

While some prefer to paint their walls instead, using tiles that are the same variant and color will make for a more durable, solid look that does not need repainting and requires little maintenance.

Some colors that are making their way to the kitchen walls include jewel tones with teal and gold being the most popular colors; followed by emeralds and even a few purples; then there’s the warm colors such as red, orange and yellow making their way into the kitchens in order to further brighten the room and then there’s the cool colors such as blues, greens and even light blues.

You can also try using neutral colors as they can also provide a cleaner aesthetic to your kitchen; try experiment with different hues and shades and see which works best.

And if you still can’t decide on which tile best fits your kitchen wall tiles, it’s best to consult with an interior designer, who can help you choose. With their many years of experiences, they can help narrow down your options based on your preference, the overall size of the space; as you don’t want your kitchen to look too big or too small because of the tiles, and of course your budget.

So when planning for your kitchen wall’s tiles, try to have a bit of fun as designing your perfect kitchen wall is something akin to dress up; only this time, it will be something you have no problem looking at for a while or so.

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