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Lighting For Living Room Ideas


Lighting plays an integral role in the overall appearance of the house both exterior and interior, yet a lot of people often overlook this fact when decorating their spaces. Interior light for the living room is more than just placing a light bulb or lamp on a table. It requires detailed and accurate planning to achieve the desired mood and atmosphere of a certain space. Without proper interior light for the living room, no matter how luxurious and beautiful your interior is, it still won’t make a great impression.

We’ve seen countless interior lights for living room design but most of these compositions have become outdated. This year, however, is brimming with new, creative, and inspiring lighting ideas that have swept the interior design world by storm. Designers and home décor enthusiasts are taking notes and so should you. So, without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into what these lighting trends are. 

Most Popular Living Room Lights


Below are the most popular types of lighting that are commonly seen in Singapore living rooms.

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers are considered as general lighting. They are placed in the living room to generally light up the space and create ambiance. Chandeliers come in different sizes and styles. Choose the style that best fits your living room’s interior design style.

  • Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is also considered general lighting. They are most likely seen in corners of the ceiling to light up certain areas and prevent some corners from being kept in the dark. Recessed lighting is a common type of lighting and can be found in almost any room.

  • Sconces

Sconces are lighting fixtures that are mounted to walls. They are known as accent lights because they add style to a living room’s wall and are often used to highlight certain architectural features in the wall.

  • Floor lamps and table lamps

Floor lamps and table lamps are both decorative and functional elements in the living room. Lamps in the living room are categorized as task lighting because they are placed in a particular corner to aid in tasks like reading, sewing, and other tasks that are often done when relaxing in the living room. Some floor lamps and table lamps have a unique style which makes them a good décor piece to add to a living room space.


Here Are 5 Ideas for Living Room's Lighting

1. Minimal Yet Eye-catching


In some interior design eras, chandeliers and huge sparkling pendant lights are reserved for grand and castle-like spaces. But in today’s modern world, designers are using a new technique of mixing and matching items and accessories from different eras to create a sense of intrigue and interest not just in the visual aspect but in the emotion and overall vibe of the space as well.

A luxurious chandelier hung on a minimalist living area or foyer can easily catch the attention of your guests. Having that piece that stands out against the neutral backdrop is such a statement-maker. Your guests will surely be awed as their eyes are glued to the masterpiece of a chandelier hanging in your room. 

2. Match Made in Heaven


Sometimes, contrasting styles are perfect together. Taking an old element and modernizing it is another great way of making a statement with your lighting composition. Keeping everything streamlined in a contemporary space is old news.

The fresh idea now is to spice it up with texture and color either through the amount of light or the type of lighting item in place. Vintage lamps on a minimalist side table evoke a concept that tells a story. Interior design is storytelling in the form of selecting items carefully in a way that they either complement or contrast each other. 

3. Meticulous Interior Light for Living Room Details


God has been in the details since time immemorial and such is true for interior lighting design. A subtle tweak in the lighting temperature of a bulb can either make or break a space. That is how powerful lighting is. And when it comes to selecting lampshades, pendant lights, and chandeliers, details matter. It is the meticulous and ornate features of a lighting fixture that makes it truly special.

No matter how simplified or modest a fixture looks, as long as it has carefully crafted details it can make any interior light for the living room stand out and look classy. Fixtures that are made of metal, bronze, or gold are a favorite of the crowd. Glass is also another thing. Regardless of what material they’re made of, it’s the details that matter. 

4. Modern and Luxurious


Grand chandeliers can be a thing of the past – like those you see in Georgian and Victorian interiors. However, not all chandeliers are a thing of the past. There is a new wave of chandelier designs that are perfect for contemporary spaces without looking overly regency. A simple, yet luxurious piece against a modern and neutral scene.

There are two main scenes one can create with lighting design. It is to contrast or to complement. Modern and luxurious lighting tends to do the latter in contemporary spaces. They’re crafted and designed to blend in and add coherence to the concept. 

5. Subtle and Organic


On the one end of the spectrum, there are materials like metal, gold, bronze, nickel, glass, and the like. While on the opposite end, are the fixtures made of organic or natural fibers such as rattan, jute, wicker, and bamboo.

This organic touch is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye and sense of mind that people are starting to incorporate it in their spaces including bathrooms and bedrooms. This whole revolution of organic lamps and chandeliers is so enthralling that this style trend is not going to die down anytime soon. 

There are many fascinating interior lights for living room trends to discuss, but we’ll save that for another time. We hope that this brief article has inspired you and provided you with ideas for what lighting design is best for your space. Subscribe to our email list to keep updated on the latest news and trends in interior design. 

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