Should You Get a Fluted Glass Door for Your Space?


About Fluted Glass Door

When it comes to glass, many homeowners would be surprised to know that there are many kinds and types of glass out in the market. Each type has different effects and properties that benefit both the aesthetic of the interior and the homeowner. From frosted glass to tempered glass, many homeowners can decide what kind of glass suits them well.


One of the most popular types of glass that has recently been seen in many of Singapore’s premiere interiors is fluted glass. Also known as reeded glass, ribbed glass, or more glass, this type of glass is characterized by having straight lines etched into the glass surface; giving off a sleek ribbed texture.

You may have noticed this type of glass in certain areas and certain interior styles. Many homeowners prefer having this type of glass in very special and personal spaces. So what makes fluted glass highly favored by Singapore’s designers? And how is it an impressive material? Here are a few things you need to know about it and how it’s applied to popular elements like fluted glass doors

1. What Is Fluted Glass?

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As stated earlier, glutted glass is characterized by distinctive straight lines across the surface. It comes in various colors and finishes with the most popular being clear, low iron, blue, bronze, green, grey, and even black. It is also distinguished by its thickness. While most glass types have a thickness of 7mm, fluted glass can come in thicknesses of 6,8,10 and 12mm with 12 mm considered a custom thickness. 

2. How Big Is It?


Fluted glass panels can come in 4 sizes namely 1830mm x 2140mm, 1830mm x 2440mm, 3300mm x 2140mm, and 3300mm x 2440mm. Though it can also be customized depending on the interior space’s needs and the client’s preference. Depending on your space, the standard size of the panel can be made into 1 fluted glass door.

3. What Are The Pros & Cons?

If you are considering incorporating fluted glass into your interiors, you need to consider the pros and cons of fluted glass. Like every construction or finishing material, not all have perfect properties, and understanding them ensures the right kind of maintenance, aftercare, and a guaranteed extended lifespan.


  • Fluted glass allows light transmission without distorting the perspective. In layman’s terms, it simply allows the light to bounce off the ribbed lines and easily disperses it without being too bright for the space. 
  • If you happen to have a low ceiling, the fluted glass ribbed panel can give your space the illusion of height; making it appear taller than it normally is. Or it can also make your space look wider, depending on the glass’ orientation.
  • And finally in terms of aesthetics, because it has such a pristine and sleek look, it gives off a hazy look of clarity and consistency as though water were running down consistently. It can also break the monotony of a severe space by simply positioning it as either a door, a divider, or even an accent.


  • However, when one thinks about the cons of fluted glass, one needs to consider that fluted glass can be quite costly; with prices ranging from 200-300% more than the price of regular glass.
  • It can also prove to be difficult to clean especially for the concave and convex spaces on the glass. It is important to invest in a supplier who provides easy instructions for aftercare or a cleaning service that can clean and maintain your glass.
  • And most importantly, although the thickness is a lot more than a regular one, it lacks the equivalent strength due to irregular surfaces caused by the ribbing. To put it simply, it may be thick, but it isn’t a guarantee that it will be strong enough to withstand certain elements.

4. Where Can I Use It?

Fluted glass is often used in modern interiors, though some owners have used it in contemporary and even transitional themes. This is due to the sleek ribbing and its hazy properties that give off a subtle sense of privacy without compromising its beauty. The most popular application is fluted glass doors seen in many aspects of the interior.

  • Cabinetry: A very popular trend was having the kitchen cabinets and even the living room cabinets have glass doors so that homeowners can display their good china. If you want to have a more modern update, you can use fluted glass instead of the regular clear ones. You can have it where some of your overhead cabinets have fluted glass doors installed. This allows you to showcase your best chinaware without overtly showing it. 
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  • Interior Doors: The most popular type of door for modern interiors is the sliding door. This is because it effortlessly saves space while defining it at the same time. Fluted glass sliding doors can be seen in walk-in closets, bathrooms, personal offices, and even in-room partitions. 
  • Partitions and Walls: You can use fluted glass as partitions and walls. You can even use them as accent walls, railings, and even sliding windows

5. How Do I Get The Right Fluted Door?

There are a lot of fluted glass suppliers in the country. Each supplier has years of experience and has supplied various homes with fluted glass doors. Singapore homeowners can be assured that the suppliers will provide them with the best options, the best aftercare, and overall, the best experience. 

So if you want to incorporate a few fluted glass doors into your interior, it is always best to consult with a designer. Not only can they come up with various ways of incorporating this innovative material, but they also have access to many suppliers who will give you the best options for your interior. After all, having sleek and beautiful glass in your interiors speaks boldly of elegance, innovation, and creativity.

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