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Every wood flooring opens up a plethora of opportunities on how to design the space. These come in a variety of styles. Plus wood flooring comes in different tones and styles such as parquet flooring in Singapore as an example.

If you don't know - "Parquet is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used in the floor tiling & floor decoration. The parquet patterns commonly seen are squares, lozenges, triangles and herringbone (most popular)
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Wooden flooring is the perfect foundation for creating a sleek modern home. You’ll want your furniture to match the space, plus all the decorative accents as well. Now that you have your floor as the foundation, your next step is looking into what will complement it.

These eight tips will help you figure out what will look great and complement the wood flooring in your home.

1. Pay Attention To The Undertones


Not all wood floors are the same, they come in a variety of tones such as cool, warm, and neutral. These undertones are what will help define the space. What you’ll want to do is use this as a way to match your décor to what the wood’s undertone is. The warmer tones for woods would be red, orange, and yellow.

These warm colors can work well with other warm-toned furniture and accents. The same can be said for cooler-toned undertones such as white and gray. Neutral undertones however are a different story, these are excellent because they work beautifully for both warm and cooltoned furniture. Matching undertones will greatly help when designing the interior of a space.

2. Try And Choose A Complementary Color Palette


It can be tricky when selecting the right color scheme for a room, especially if you’re determining based on the floors. What you’ll want to do is try and balance out the colors in the space. As stated above, you’ll need to pay attention to the undertones of the wood flooring because this can drastically help when picking furniture. Picking a complementary color palette will help elevate the space and it makes everything more balanced and put together.

3. Parquet Flooring Singapore Open Floor Plans


This tip is mostly for homes that have an open floor plan. It’s best for the flooring to remain content in between rooms unless walls and a door are separating the spaces. Open floor plans just look awkward if there are any divides in the flooring. Consistency in this open airy space is key because it is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it’s easier to clean too.

4. Soften The Floor When Rugs


Adding some textiles to a space is a surefire way to bring more texture and color into a space. Wood flooring lacks the soft coziness that a carpet has. What also needs to be kept in mind is that repeatedly walking or standing on a hard floor throughout the day will cause discomfort.

Rugs can minimize the effect of discomfort and add a layer of much-needed texture. Layering rugs is currently very trendy, with good reason as this can make a room very comfy. Try by layering up rugs in define sitting areas in an open space such as around the dining area or near a sofa. This can make them bring the chairs together for a more cohesive appearance.

5. Rustic Can Be A Way To Go


Wooden tones do not need to match when it comes to furniture and flooring. While it is nice if they complement one another, it certainly will not look bad if they don’t match. A modern approach is to combine wood floors and wooden furniture. This gives for a rustic and rough appearance.

The diversity in the wood shows different textures and stains that can make a space look very good. You can just create an overall theme within the room that eludes to coziness. Rustic is a fun way to go and it can be a great way to add an overall cozy ambiance to the room.

6. Contrast Is Important


One of the core rules for decorating any space would be allowing contrast in a space. If you have dark wood floors in your home, then place light wooden furniture in the space, this way, it pops and looks satisfying. What you could do instead if you have a lighter wood for your flooring would be to have darker furniture pieces. This way, a strike of balance is within the room.

If a space doesn’t have contrasting colors, then it’s going to look plain and monotonous. Parquet flooring Singapore tiles immediately have some contrast within the flooring itself which alone helps a lot with contrast in the space.

Also everything in the room, especially small pieces will become lost in space due to everything just matching. Contrasting colors help create a focal point within the room. Contrast doesn’t just need to be colores either, the same rule goes for texture as well. You’ll want your smooth floor to be balanced out with a softer texture such as a rug. Rugs are a great way to cover up scratches and other marks that wood floors will get from time to time. Wooden floors need upkeep, so it’s important to look into it such as parquet flooring repair.

7. Modern Metals


Modern wood flooring works greatly with metal furniture pieces. Industrial styling has been very trendy over the last few years. Using industrial pieces of furniture and decorative accents that incorporate materials such as bronze or steel will look fantastic when contrasts against the floor.

Distressed metal furniture can also be a great way to add some character to a space as well. Glass is also a material that can look wonderful and fit beautifully into a modern home. Most styles look great from industrial, rustic, to modern-chic, just make sure that you’re matching your flooring and your furniture to the look you have in mind.

Since there are so many different types of styles when it comes to wood flooring, one of the best is parquet flooring for Singapore homes.

8. Mix In Wood Furniture


Wood flooring is one of the most natural pairings in traditional interior design. Most homes, especially older ones will commonly have wood flooring. This often provides a juxtaposition to more sleek elements in modern-day interiors. Modern wooden furniture has a lot of clean lines, and this can greatly be complement by the wood flooring. This embraces the balance between smooth and hard services while also having a complementary color palette. On an occasion, you’ll need to parquet flooring polish or any other sort of polishing for your floors and furniture.

When it comes to interior design, there aren’t any hard rules. Not all rooms are the same, therefore not all interior “rules” can work for all spaces. If you’re limited on what furniture you have or just not interested in creating contrast in the space, then that’s completely fine. Flooring such as parquet flooring Singapore homes can look fantastic when being complemented by furniture.


There are plenty of other ways that wood flooring can look great in a space. Just experiment
around with what you have and just try to find a way to strike some balance. This is your home, you can decorate it how you like and experiment as much as you want.

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