Top 10 Cupboard Designs for Small Bedrooms to Make Your Space Organized

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About Cupboard Designs For Small Bedrooms


One of the most important features that any bedroom should have is adequate storage space. Bedrooms are prone to clutter and chaos. It can be very difficult to organize and decorate without enough storage. When homeowners look for homes to purchase, they check if the house has enough storage space to accommodate all their stuff.

There are various ways to integrate cupboard designs for small bedrooms, no matter how small they are. Remember that how you use your bedroom differs from how others use it. A storage rack can be more practical for some, while others might prefer something else. Therefore, before you add extra storage or before you build a new one, ask yourself first:

  • What is the main purpose of this extra storage space?
  • How can it be used in the space?
  • What should you put in this storage?
  • Where should you place it?
  • What is the type of cupboard design for small bedrooms you should add?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide on the kind of storage suited to your needs. Below are 10 wonderful designs of cupboards for your bedrooms.

1. Large Floor-To-Ceiling Cupboard


There’s no better way to maximize the space available on your wall other than to create a floor-to-ceiling height cupboard. Having this type of cupboard in your bedroom will give you ample storage to store not just your clothes but also other bedroom necessities such as duvets, bed sheets, comforters, extra pillows, towels, and the like. Large floor-to-ceiling storage usually has many compartments inside, so you can easily organize your stuff.

2. Bedroom Cupboard With Mirror


Consider installing a mirror on your cupboard door if you have a very small bedroom. Mirrors can create the illusion of more space. It makes the room look brighter and more spacious. Cupboard designs for small bedrooms don’t have to be boring. You can decorate and style it according to your preferences while also ensuring that it can serve its main purpose: to maximize the space in the bedroom.

3. Cupboard Design With Dressing Table


Be creative with your cupboard design. You can squeeze in a small dressing table if extra space is available. Some dressing tables are built-in together with the bedroom cupboard. This creates a somewhat continuous design aesthetic in the wall. Cupboard designs like this save space and make the bedroom look comfortable and fully furnished.

4. Multifunctional Cupboard


A multifunctional cupboard is considered a storage solution for tiny bedrooms. This type of furniture combines a closed cupboard, an open shelf cupboard, a clothing rack, shoe storage, and a mirror all in one. A tiny bedroom cannot afford to have another storage space or cupboard that will only crowd the room. Therefore, integrating a multifunctional cupboard would be ideal for providing enough storage in a small bedroom.

5. Hidden Cupboard For Bedroom


Another ingenious way to maximize the space in your small bedroom is to build a hidden cupboard or a cupboard with its compartments flushed against the wall. This type of cupboard design is best for minimalist and contemporary interiors. It frees up space and creates a streamlined and clean aesthetic that will brighten the room.

6. Cupboard Design With Sliding Door


Some bedrooms are very small to even have space for a hinge cupboard door to open. You won’t have enough space to walk and move around between your bed and your cupboard if you have hinged doors in your cupboard instead of sliding doors. To save space, install sliding doors. Sliding doors have a very modern and streamlined aesthetic which is great for contemporary and minimalist bedrooms.

7. Cupboard Design With Shelves


The storage spaces in your bedroom don’t have to be all closed. You can play around with your bedroom’s wall by integrating a mixture of open shelves and a closed cupboard. You can use the open shelves to display decorations and accessories such as a succulent, a sculpture, picture frames, etc. On the other hand, you can use the closed cupboard as your clothing storage.

8. Bedroom Cupboard With A Small Study Desk


Don’t have enough space to squeeze in a study desk? Why not take a portion of your cupboard and transform that portion into a tiny study desk? Yes, you can do that! Deconstruct an area of your cupboard and transform it into a table. Retain the upper part of the cupboard and use that space to store light items like throw pillows and some stuffed toys.

9. Cupboard Design Near The Bathroom


A cupboard near the bathroom is a practical layout. This will make your cupboard convenient and more efficient to access. If the room is very compact, consider transforming your cupboard’s doors into a pocket or sliding one. If you intend to place the cupboard right across your bathroom door, ensure that the furniture is not blocking away. 

10. Cupboard Design With Top And Bottom Drawers


Some cupboards don’t hit the ceiling. But if you really need more storage space and you are quite wondering where to add another space, consider transforming the bottom part of your bedroom cupboard into a drawer.

You can use the bottom drawers to store your shoes and other stuff like books, sports gear, board games, and others. On the top, you can extend your cupboard and build a drawer on the very top. You can then use that space to place bed sheets, pillows, throw blankets, and other things that won’t otherwise fit in the middle compartments of the cupboard.

Cupboards keep your belongings organized, but they also maintain the rooms clean. Additionally, cupboards give your room’s design a streamlined appearance that maximizes space. There are several cutting-edge and contemporary cupboard designs for small bedrooms available nowadays for bedrooms. If you want to remodel your bedroom and add new storage space, you can get ideas from the list we have above. You might also seek professional advice on designing the cupboards in your bedroom.

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