Serangoon North View

  • Property Type: 4 ROOM CONDO
  • Designer: Andrea Yong
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Modern Luxury

  • DESIGNER: Andrea Yong
  • ADDRESS: Serangoon North View
Actual Project in MODERN LUXURY style at Serangoon North View, Singapore | Budget: $70,000 | Work Inclusive: Hacking, Electrical Works, Ceiling and Partition Works, Vinyl Flooring Works, Carpentry. | Suppliers: Admira Pte Ltd: Alum Gold (JHX 206C), Pine Oregon Teak (WY 4217X)

"To create their dream home, the homeowners were very open to making layout changes that would better suit their lifestyle. So I took that opportunity to create a room dedicated to the walk-in wardrobe, a full dressing table and display set-up, a bespoke study table & bookshelf. Coupled with timeless lighting, colour palette and material choices, the resultant home was luxurious yet still practical and comfortable.

The styling choices also played a part in the overall look of the home. While the number of items in a luxurious house should be kept to a minimum, those that were present should not be inconspicuous. Chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling curtains, accent pillows and wall-spanning paintings or portraits are great ways to give the luxury interior design an awe-inspiring element."

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