23 Stirling

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Evelyn Wang
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Muji Scandinavian

  • DESIGNER: Evelyn Wang
  • ADDRESS: 23 Stirling
Actual Project in MUJI SCANDINAVIAN style at 23 Stirling, Singapore | Budget: $25,000 | Work Inclusive: Carpentry, False ceiling, Electricity, Painting.

"The homeowners are an adorable and kindhearted family. They have a liking for the Muji-themed design which exudes an aura of warmth. The Muji style is heavily dependent on the wood element. Therefore, the shades and patterns of the wooden materials used have to be meticulously selected.

The design hierarchy is not overwhelming, instead curvatures and lines are incorporated in the design to allow for a natural sense and warmth to be exhibited. When it comes to selecting furniture, the focus is placed on cotton linen and wooden materials which connect the senses with nature. The addition of the false ceiling and lighting helped enhance the elegant and delicate Muji style.”

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