Belgravia Drive

  • Property Type: CLUSTER
  • Designer: Liz Ng
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Modern Classic

  • DESIGNER: Liz Ng
  • ADDRESS: Belgravia Drive
Actual Project in MODERN CLASSIC style at Belgravia Drive, Singapore | Work Scope: Carpentry, Ceiling, Painting, Outdoor Decking.

"Step into modern classicism with elegance in every corner. The living room boasts a Volakas marble feature wall housing a sleek TV and plush sofa. In the dining area, a wooden ceiling feature adds warmth, while dark wood accents and ambient lighting adorn the walls around a sturdy dining table.

Tranquility awaits in the master bedroom, with white walls trimmed in sophistication and dark wood elements adding depth. The walk-in wardrobe, draped in dark grey, features a full-length sliding mirror, enlarging the space while reflecting modern luxury."

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