10 Fernvale Street

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Evelyn Wang
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  • DESIGNER: Evelyn Wang
  • ADDRESS: 10 Fernvale Street
Actual Project in LUXURY style at 10 Fernvale Street, Singapore | Work Inclusive: Electrical Work, Ceiling, Carpentry & Painting Work.

"The homeowners requested a simple luxurious vibe, that is why I retained the high ceiling complimented by a crystal ceiling lamp. To utilize the low beam, the cove light was extended to allow the lighting to be distributed. On top of that, I further combined the mirror, marble pattern, wallpaper, and leather furniture to create clean and elegant elements.

Last but not least, the master bedroom was catered for the homeowner’s adorable triplets. One of the tips was to use the space from the high ceiling to create room for playtime and storage for their children’s toys."

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