29 Bidadari Park

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Weiken
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Muji Scandinavian

  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: 29 Bidadari Park
Actual Project in MUJI SCANDINAVIAN style at 29 Bidadari Park, Singapore | Budget: $50,000 | Work Scope: Tiling, Ceiling, Electric, Carpentry, Painting.

"Choosing milky white tones for walls and other vertical surfaces helps effectively soften the overall visual impression. Utilizing natural wood in low-intensity areas, such as chairs and TV cabinets, not only brings a sense of stability to the space but also showcases the natural elements of Nordic style, creating a gentle and warm atmosphere. When selecting furniture and accessories, opting for low-saturation and low-brightness colors as the main theme contributes to an overall fresh and easy-on-the-eyes ambiance. Avoiding excessive decoration is key to maintaining the purity of the overall style. Simultaneously, make full use of natural light by keeping windows open and using sheer or transparent curtains, allowing sunlight to naturally illuminate the interior and further enhancing the brightness of the space."


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