95A Prince Charles Crescent

  • Property Type: 4 ROOM CONDO
  • Designer: Weiken
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Modern Minimalist

  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: 95A Prince Charles Crescent
Actual Project in MODERN MINIMALIST style at 95A Prince Charles Crescent, Singapore | Budget: $65,000 | Work Inclusive: Hacking(Remove existing cabinet/False Ceiling), Polish Flooring/Varnish Wood Flooring, False Ceiling design, Painting Works, Carpentry Works. | Suppliers: AROVA: Concrete (ASM 2021 SM).

"As more homeowners move towards achieving minimal interiors and a clutter-free lifestyle, the question of how to neatly stow our belongings has become increasingly important. The main challenging of this project is how to clever planning at the design stages and key to ensuring cupboards and shelves throughout the home are suited to homeowner household needs.

[Minimalist Interior] - Finished in a palette of simple colour, complemented by more natural hues such as variation of grey, beige and light/dark wood tone. All bedroom storage cabinet functions are carefully and discreetly planned to provide a functional response."

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