12 Shunfu Road

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Weiken
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Modern Scandinavian

  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: 12 Shunfu Road
Actual Project in MODERN SCANDINAVIAN style at 12 Shunfu Road, Singapore | Budget: $70,000 | Work Scope: Hacking, Electrician, Vinyl, Ceiling, Carpentry, Glass, Counter Top, Painting.

"The original layout consists of a foyer and walkway leading into the living room. To reduce the mundanity of the walkway, the white wall along the walkway has been replaced with a feature wall extending onto the ceiling. Elevated with the lightings and mirror, coming home now feels like entering a showroom. The heartwarming family of four decided to alter the layout of the kitchen and dining area by integrating the space as one. The service yard and kitchen are transformed into the wet kitchen and dry kitchen respectively. The island is meticulously placed to facilitate the movement in the area and enhance the functionality of the space.

The living room focuses on storage and does not have a television feature wall. The display cabinet showcases the owners’ collections, each figurine with its own unique memories. The carpentry of the two rooms for the children are of the same colour scheme. Using the wallpaper as a background with the same design but of different colours allow the sisters to celebrate their individuality while staying connected. A customized magnetic glass panel is installed in front of the bed for the children to note down the little things in life, display their works and scribble down mathematical formula. Combining the platform and study table along with the storage underneath the bed allows the space to be fully utilized. Giving off a clean and tidy look. The study and the master bedroom are an extension of the house’s calming wooden theme. Storage space is incorporated within the bed frame and the full height feature wall is designed to compliment the bed frame. The LED strip lights and rounded contours help create a cosy ambience."

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