26 Sumang Walk

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Weiken
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Modern Luxury

  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: 26 Sumang Walk
Actual Project in MODERN LUXURY style at 26 Sumang Walk, Singapore | Budget: $80,000 | Work Scope: HACKING, TILING, FALSE CEILING, PAINTING, CARPENTRY.

"This interior design work is a perfect fusion of natural curves and modern wooden style, intertwining the softness of curves, wood grain, and clean elements to create a unique and pleasant living space. This style blends the gentleness and natural beauty while maintaining the sophistication of modern design.

In my design, a bright color palette such as white and neutral tones is used to create an open and bright atmosphere, reminiscent of a resort. Simultaneously, wood grain elements are abundantly incorporated into the flooring, furniture, and decor, conveying natural beauty and a sense of warmth. Clean lines, modern furniture design, and large windows maintain the cleanliness and openness of the space, maximizing the use of natural light.

This unique blend of styles combines modernity, linear elements, and natural wood elements to create a space that is both vibrant and cozy, making one feel as though they are in a seaside resort while enjoying the warmth of nature and the comfort of modernity. This design seeks the perfect balance between natural beauty and modern practicality, offering residents a unique and pleasant living experience."


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