Frequently Asked Questions

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I. About Weiken

Weiken has operated for 27 years in this business (interior design & home renovation) since 1996. We are the longest running interior design firm in Singapore!

There are 2 Weiken showrooms across Singapore: Tradehub 21 & Oxley Bizhub 2.
Please check all showrooms’ locations at this page: https://www.weiken.com/contact/

All of Weiken designers are strictly recruited and selected from the best IDs in Singapore.

Then, once joining Weiken, they have to go through our in-house training about interior designs and technical knowledge by the top Weiken designers. We also constantly upgrade our training courses every year to make sure we don’t miss any latest trends.

II. All Packages & Basic Costs

III. Get Quotation & Book An Appointment

Please navigate to our contact page and fill-in all necessary information, our IDs will contact back within 24h for further support!

Please do prepare for your layout plans and brief details. Our friendly designer’s will walk you thorough and will deliver a detailed quotation & space planning during the discussion.

IV. Loan & Payment Scheme

At the moment, we don’t have any in-house instalment programs.

Please refer to our payment scheme below:

  • 1st payment deposit – 10%
  • 2nd payment before commence of works – 45%
  • 3rd payment before measurement of carpentry – 40%
  • 4th payment – handover of unit

V. Warranty

Weiken provides a 2-year warranty for every design and renovation work that we do

Please help directly request the interior designers in charge of your project to claim your warranty.

For other unexpected issues, please help contact our WeCare Department for further support: wecare@weiken.com.sg


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