BLK 27 Balam Road

  • Property Type: 5 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Eugene Xing
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Modern Traditional

  • DESIGNER: Eugene Xing
  • ADDRESS: BLK 27 Balam Road
Actual Project in MODERN TRADITIONAL style at Balam Road, Singapore | Budget: $38,000 | Work Scope: Demolition Work, Masonry Work, Electrical Work, Plumbing Work, Plastering False Ceiling Work, Carpentry Work, Glass Mirror Work, Painting Work, Flooring Work, Doors, General Work.

"This house infused with herringbone vinyl floors was designed in a mixed style of Modern and Traditional (a great solution to create a space with the character). Additionally, the contrast between the strong geometry (such as the angular shapes of the counters) and natural elements (woods, indoor plants, ...) helped make the whole space become pleasing to the eye and bring a perfect classic look as well."

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