22 Sumang Walk

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Evelyn Wang
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Creamy Muji

  • DESIGNER: Evelyn Wang
  • ADDRESS: 22 Sumang Walk
Actual Project in CREAMY MUJI style at 22 Sumang Walk, Singapore | Budget: $30,000 | Work Scope: Ceiling, Electric, Carpentry, Painting.

"The owner adores both the pastel and muji theme. To incorporate both themes, the solid and cool colour schemes are adopted.

As the owner is particular about the texture of the wood element with the muji theme, a slightly yellowish and natural wood grain pattern laminate is selected. Which brings about the clam in vibes of nature when touched.

Combined with the classy milky white solid and cool theme, along with the delicate details of the groove line and fluted contours, an elegant and warmth atmosphere is created under the lights."

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