Newton Road

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Evelyn Wang
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  • DESIGNER: Evelyn Wang
  • ADDRESS: Newton Road
Actual Project in SCANDINAVIAN style at Newton Road, Singapore | Work Scope: Electrician & Ceiling & Carpentry & Painting | Budget: $15,000 | Suppliers: Nipon paint NP N 3200p.

"The main concept of this design was based on the sense of comfort. With respect to the carpentry work, I managed to utilize Japanese-wooden patterns and delicate lines to create a highly detailed outlook. Colour wise, the beige series painting was applied to incorporate the whole space as one (floor - wall - ceiling).

Last but not least, lighting was also an important thing worth mentioning. More detailed, the lights can be adjusted to match with different occasions, as well as allowing different ambience in the small space."

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