BLK 23 Fernvale Road

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Andrea Yong
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Dark Modern

  • DESIGNER: Andrea Yong
  • ADDRESS: BLK 23 Fernvale Road
Actual Project in DARK MODERN style at BLK 23 Fernvale Road, Singapore | Work Inclusive: Hacking Cabinetry & Partition, Plumbing, Plaster Works, Carpentry, Sintered Stone Installation, Glass Works, Electrical Wiring & Installation, Painting Works, Door Works.

"The original unit was dark and small, with many walls and awkward ceiling fixtures. As a result, we decided to hack away at the kitchen walls and ceiling partitions to create one large living room and open kitchen space. The homeowner also preferred Darker Tones (to create a cozy feeling), so I went bold and chose the Black Wood laminate as the main carpentry design. Additionally, I also added accents of Warm Wood and Light Marble to bring more contrast & depth to the whole design.

It's also my intention to make sure the display spaces look pretty neat and clean so that the homeowner would not feel cluttered while staying in small spaces. With the right planning and smart design strategy, it was always possible to create a cozy and welcoming space that still had everything you need."


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