912 Sims Ave

  • Property Type: 2 ROOM CONDO
  • Designer: Andrea Yong
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Modern Scandinavian

  • DESIGNER: Andrea Yong
  • ADDRESS: 912 Sims Ave
Actual Project in MODERN SCANDINAVIAN style at 912 Sims Ave, Singapore | Work Scope: Loft metal works, plumbing works, false ceiling and partition works, carpentry works, glass works, worktop, texture painting works, vinyl flooring works.

"This open-concept living space features high ceilings and large windows, allowing an abundance of natural light to fill the space. Given the small floor area, we went through multiple iterations of designing a loft that would seamlessly integrate into both the kitchen and living space, creating a space that is both visually harmonious and incredibly practical. The resulting layout design boasts space for a fully-equipped kitchen and even a bar area to show off the homeowners' collection of liquour. Using a single wood laminate for the entire project then gives it elegance and warmth. This project is the perfect example of the marriage of function and form that is truly custom to it's young and modern occupants."

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