Park Colonia 3 WoodLeigh Lane

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Emily Neo
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  • DESIGNER: Emily Neo
  • ADDRESS: Park Colonia 3 WoodLeigh Lane
Actual Project in LUXURY & CONTEMPORARY style at Park Colonia 3 WoodLeigh Lane, Singapore | Cost: $30,000 | Work Scope: Carpentry Works, Table Top Works, Mirror Works | Suppliers: Formica Singapore: Calacatta Marble (3460), Aries (1093)

"Space planning can be tricky with new condo units and I was requested to design one to look spacious (with enough storages). In details, I incorporated luxurious colours, layers of textured elements and various lighting scheme into this design for a lush look. The focal point is to have every pieces of carpentry to look delicately designed and carefully curated."

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