• Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Eunice Lam
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Modern Contemporary

  • DESIGNER: Eunice Lam
  • ADDRESS: Waterbay

Weiken's Project in MODERN CONTEMPORARY style at Waterbay, Singapore | Cost: $49,000 | Work Scope: Capentry, Glass & Mirror, Tiling, Door Works, Painting, Demolition Works | Suppliers: Lamitak: Tadao Concrete (DXN 5323X), Hafary: Itt Ceramic | Pier17 (Turquoise), IQuartz: Venatino Statuario

"In this project, I tried to create a cosy space by using herringbone vinyl flooring, dark feature walls with warm wood tone. Additionally, with the purpose to add a little raw and playfulness inside this space, I opt for a terrazzo pattern tiles with concrete as base colour which is sprinkled with pop colours like yellow/red. This compliments with the green hexagon backsplash tiling (and my customer really love it). In order to make the living room looks bigger, I applied a trick that uses huge full height tinted mirror."

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