Ocean Drive

  • Property Type: 3 ROOM CONDO
  • Designer: YinJye Gan
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Modern Luxury

  • DESIGNER: YinJye Gan
  • ADDRESS: Ocean Drive
Award-Winning Project
Actual Project in MODERN LUXURY style at Ocean Drive, Singapore | Cost: $200,000 | Work Scope: Demolition / Dismantling Works, Tiling / Masonry Works, Plumbing Works, False Ceiling / Dry Wall Partition / Plasterceil / Plastering Works, Carpentry Works, Painting Works | Suppliers: Hafary: Marble Flooring (Silver Mink), Pastorelli | Symphony (SY Black), Floor Xpert Pte Ltd: Zsnap.Deck (WPC INKY), Formica Singapore: Gold Brush (D8123), Admira Pte Ltd: Storm (CAC 2397 T), Caesarstone SEA: Vanilla Noir (5100)

"In this design, we completely focused on the use of the curved lines (with the colour of bold white & grey) and the gold lines on the carpentry. As a result, the amazing balance between them helps create the both bold & soft elements, that truly delivered the Modern Luxury style. Beyond that, this design also allows us to well blend the dark & light tones finish, that enhances the aesthetics & draws much more attention."

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