Seletaris Condo

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Weiken
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  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: Seletaris Condo
Actual Project in SCANDINAVIAN style at Seletaris Condo, Singapore | Cost: $80,000 | Work Scope: Hacking Works, Loft Works Oak Clad Stairs and Full Height Railing / Tiling/Masonry Works, Ceiling Works, Vinyl Works, Carpentries, Plumbing, Painting | Suppliers: Hafary - Ninety Plus | Black Coffee (60BK09RT) "This is my latest Scandinavian design for a family of 4 (including a child and helper). My client wanted a spacious (and cozy) living area, but still make sure it's user-friendly, functional, safe for kids & elderly people. Colors used in the kitchen is the soft matte White, with a touch of wood counter finishing, herringbone backsplash to enhance the Nordic atmosphere. Particularly, with 5 meters in ceiling's height, I proposed the idea to create a loft for the study area (my homeowners are pretty on it)."

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