Marina One Residences

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Lucas Ngan
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  • DESIGNER: Lucas Ngan
  • ADDRESS: Marina One Residences
Actual Project in CONTEMPORARY style at Marina One Residences, Singapore | Cost: $78,000 | Work Scope: Carpentry, Glass, Ceiling, Textured Paint, Metal Works | Suppliers: Formica Singapore: Admira Pte Ltd: Medium Mode Walnut (QBK 4204 W), AROVA: Walnut Elm (AWB 5452 NM)

"This project focuses on refining the layout of a 2 Bedrooms & 1 Study unit. The existing study which is inwards facing and looking directly at the neighbour's kitchen provides little privacy and has been repurposed into a storeroom. This strategy frees up the Living Room and avoid the need to create storage cabinets which reduces the width of an already tight space.

By repurposing one of the bedrooms as a study, walls are replaced with glass and mirrored cabinetry, allowing the owners to enjoy a generous view towards the ocean within all common areas of the unit. The Kitchen and Dining spaces are deeper within the unit with less natural lighting and had multiple ceiling heights. The uniform wooden finishes around the Dining and Kitchen serves to visually connect them into one single segment and provides the ability to integrate indirect lightings to an otherwise dark area."


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