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Condo Interior Design & Renovation In Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s smallest countries with 5.6 million population inhabiting a total land area of 719.1 km². But, although suffering from a scarcity of space, how the city-state utilizes its smattering of land is of deep interest to many other heavily populated cities.

Aside from HDB public housing, Singapore is brimming with condominiums that make the most out of its limited land and maximizing vertical spaces. In fact, there are already over 3,000 condos in Singapore in 2018 and the number is only bound to increase for the years to come.

Whether you’re after the luxurious life or satisfied with a quiet understatement, a well-designed condominium can provide you with a space that is both functional and aesthetic.

As an interior design firm in Singapore, Weiken specializes in condo interior design to help you tailor your space to suit your specific lifestyle needs and style. Browse our best portfolio below for well-designed condo homes that will inspire you:

Featured Condo Designs

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DESIGNER: Derrius Koh
Actual Project in SCANDINAVIAN style at 2 JURONG LAKE LINK

Transform your condominium home to match your style and lifestyle needs with Weiken!

As an established interior design firm in Singapore, we specialise in working with limited spaces in high-rise constructions and renovations such as condominiums. Our dedicated team has extensive years of experience executing functional and aesthetic condo interior design and is highly capable of delivering solutions to suit your individual needs.

A great interior design is what sets your condo apart from the rest and we work to make sure that you’re making the right investment to create a desirable place to live in. We take into utmost consideration your requirements and constructive ideas so the results meet – if not surpass – your mental picture of your dream home.

We can’t stress further our commitment to providing bespoke interior design solutions tailored just for you. Nevertheless, here’s our portfolio of 3-bedroom condominiums to give you an idea of what we truly mean.


ADDRESS: 225 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Actual Project in MODERN CONTEMPORARY style at 225 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore | Cost: $20,000 | Work inclusive: Carpentry Works

When you hear the term condominium, the words urban, modern and classy probably comes to mind. But, here at Weiken, we prefer to call them breathtaking as it’s how we see our condo interior design projects all these years.

As an interior design firm in Singapore, our goal is for our condominium designs and renovations evoke a sense of space – taking into consideration both its functionality and aesthetic value. Our years of being in the industry have allowed us to develop a unique approach to create a balance between purpose and beauty. We take cue from the latest in interior design wherein we incorporate the use of clean silhouettes and sharp lines to imbue a modern appeal in your condo.

Furthermore, in every step of the renovation project, we strive to work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their lifestyle and preferences and use them as a foundation for our interior design.


ADDRESS: 95E Jalan Sendudok
Actual Project in JAPAN MUJI SCANDINAVIAN Style at 95E Jalan Sendudok | Property Type: 4-Room Condo | Cost: $ 70,000 (inclusive of: Hacking, Bathroom Re-tiling, Overlay Vinyl Tiles, Ceiling, Carpentry)

Cluster homes are essentially a hybrid housing scheme that offers the best of both worlds – strata landed properties and exclusive lifestyle facilities.

These dwellings are set within a gated community and feature units of different configurations including semi-detached houses, bungalows and terrace homes. Consequently, while they are akin to typical landed properties, cluster homes can also be constructed as multi-floor residences sharing communal facilities such as function area, gyms and swimming pools.

Whatever your reason for investing in a cluster property, you’re bound to enjoy the perks it has to offer. We bring our expertise in condo interior design and renovation in Singapore to provide you with a functional and comfortable cluster house you can call your home.


DESIGNER: Matthias Ho

Good things come in small packages and the same holds true with studio apartments.

In recent years, studio apartments are deemed to be a practical solution to the scarcity of space in Singapore. Although they are technically a more compact option for a living space, they offer a wealth of advantages from affordability down to the ease of maintaining a smaller home.

For many years, Weiken has been dedicated to redefining residential spaces in Singapore. Regardless of the size of home you may have, we guarantee to transform your property into a functional and stylish home in a manner that is both creative and cost-efficient.

Our team of professional interior designers promises to work closely with you to make sure that your constructive ideas are considered in every stage of the process.


DESIGNER: Johnathon Tan
Actual Project in COSY BACHELOR Style at ST THOMAS WALK | Cost: $ 40,000 | Work Inclusive: Carpentry, Flooring & Tiling, Wall Hacking, Painting, Air-Cons, Feature Walls

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My Id is jenny Wang from Tradehub 21

She is very professional .so responsible and always give me so much helpful tips during my renovation . My faminly all love the house she did for us . Well done jenny .

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My Id is jenny Wang from Tradehub 21
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I engaged jenny wang from tradehub 21

I recommend my id jenny . She is very patient and responsible . She is always willing to walk extra miles .

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I engaged jenny wang from tradehub 21
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我们office 的ID是Jenny wang


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我们office 的ID是Jenny wang
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our house reno for a smooth journey throughout

Jenny was very professional, reliable and highly trustworthy. There were alot hidden problems in our new house because it’s an old apartment. She solved all the problems quietly and we moved in on time.

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our house reno for a smooth journey throughout
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Great experience through the renovation job for my house

She is very responsible and plan well for the schedules. Really appreciate the fast speed and good quality.

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Great experience through the renovation job for my house
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Jenny Wang is the BEST ID I’ve ever met

Jenny made a lot of efforts to communicate the progress with me and confirm every details. She also made valuable recommendation on modifications of plan. I’m very grateful that she helped me with the renovation when I’m away.

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Jenny Wang is the BEST ID I’ve ever met
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Jenny, definitely a good choice

Jenny helped to coordinate different work groups, set up working timetable, offered useful advice in terms of layout, design and material type and the end results are very satisfactory. One thing I should mention was the faucet in main washing room.

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Jenny, definitely a good choice
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Jessie was very professional on her job. She was patience and listened to our requirements and keep her cool even though sometimes my wife and me tend to stress her over an issue. She was able to meet the renovation dateline on time; arranged and coordinated all the work done effectively and efficiently.

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Thumbs up! Jessie!
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Thank you Jenny for your professional and excellent job

She responsed promptly to my enquiries everytime. When I have special request, she always tried her best to meet my need. Like my kitchen laminate, I saw it from internet, and like the colour very much.

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Thank you Jenny for your professional and excellent job
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