Anchorvale Lane

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Lucas Ngan
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  • DESIGNER: Lucas Ngan
  • ADDRESS: Anchorvale Lane
Actual Weiken's Project in CONTEMPORARY style at Anchorvale Lane, Singapore | Cost: $50,000 | Suppliers: Lamitak: Pine Oregon Teak (WY4217X), AROVA: Sand Blast (AZ5522SO), Admira Pte Ltd: Dark Forest Oak (QBL776W)

"This project explores the marriage of spaces in both the living areas and also bedrooms. In the living area, the adjacent balcony acts as an extension of both the living and dining area. This effectively creates a large social space visually connected by similar finishings for both sides.

A wall between a common room and master bedroom was hacked to create a spacious walk in wardrobe and bedroom. In new condominiums that are getting increasingly tight, it is critical to study the habits and future plans of clients in order to determine whether joining of rooms are suitable, and also look into how spaces can serve multiple functions. Home owners should carefully look into how long they intend to stay in the home they plan to renovate, this will give their designers and home owners a better idea of the renovation commitment they should make."


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