[#7 Amazing Tricks] Small Living Room Interior Design

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[#7 Amazing Tricks] Small Living Room Interior Design


Having a small living room is always a big pain for all homeowners (of course, who wants to spend his/her leisure time in a cramped & cluttered room?). However, never let it pull back your styles & aesthetic tastes. Do you know that with smart styling and some decoration tips, it’s possible to transform your tiny living room into a more spacious, comfortable and cosy space! Ready to discover 7 amazing tricks below by Weiken (that work) for small living room interior design? 

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#1. Utilize Glass Panels & Mirrors In Living Room Interior Design

This is an old-school trick in home renovation & home decor, but actually will never get outdated. Getting your reflection on (through the use of mirrors) is a great way to make your small living room look bigger. If you are able to put a large mirror in front of the window, it will well reflect the outer space and make a sense that you have double windows.

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Project: 273A PUNGGOL
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#2. Use Wall Papers

Let’s create an emphasis, bring in natural light and enhance the shape & deepness of your living room by using wall papers. You can also combine it with a big mirror next to the ceiling for better result. Wall papers are quite commonly used during HDB & BTO renovation today!

Project: 104A CANBERRA ST
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#3. Greenery Will Work

Similar to the effect of wall paper & mirrors, putting some indoor plant pots into your living room is a wonderful way to enhance the deepness of this space. The ideal position for plant decor are all rooms’ corners, especially the space near your sofas. (Take a look at the Scandinavian design below – honestly, we cannot express enough how we love the contrast & sense of artfulness of this design … and can you feel that the living room really looks bigger?)

Project: 587 Woodlands Drive 6
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#4. Monochromatic Style Works Really Well In Living Room Interior Design

Monochromatic decoration has become among the most popular trends in interior design recently (for easy imagination, it’s the decor style using many shades of one main colour). Because a monochromatic design always features different values (shades & tints) of a specific hue, it creates a pretty calming & elegant decor scheme, and makes your living room look much bigger.

There are, however, 3 important elements you need to consider if you are really serious about building a monochromatic scheme for your living room, they are:

  • Contrast: though it’s never an easy task to create the contrast in monochromatic style (because the use of various colours is obviously much easier to bring the contrast), you have to understand that your living room needs contrast and variation for an interesting look.
  • Paterns & Texture: Since the colour scheme is quite limited in Monochromatic style, you have to focus onto Paterns & Texture instead (and have to make sure every details look special)
  • Materials Mixed: Avoid mixing too many types of materials (woods & metals). A safe strategy you can go with is to choose 2 different shades of either wood or metal (make sure they look quite different from each other), then arranging them repeatedly in your living room. This will help maintain the monochromatic design flow (via repetition) but also bring a slightly difference for your space.

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Project: 225 Upper Paya Lebar Road
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#5. Use Built-in And Tall Shelves

Following this tip, you can certainly maximise your small space for extra storage. The use of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (ideally at the room’s corner) both help well decor your room and take advantage of empty space left.

Project: 612B Tampines North Drive 1
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#6. "Vertical Decoration" Should Be Preferred

Vertically arranging your interiors & decorative accessories (pots, canvas, frames) can work really well in increasing your room’s height. Don’t believe us? Try checking the (condo) living room interior design below:

Project: 65 CHESTNUT AVE
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#7. Drapery

Wisely use draperies to increase the height of your space (by letting them puddle on the ground a little bit). This trick sounds simple but will surprise you, believe us!

Project: 613B Tampines Drive
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