978D Buangkok Crescent

  • Property Type: 5 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Eva Lau
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Modern Rustic

  • DESIGNER: Eva Lau
  • ADDRESS: 978D Buangkok Crescent
Actual Project in MODERN RUSTIC style at 978D Buangkok Crescent, Singapore | Budget: $90,000 | Work Scope: Retiling 2 bathrooms and kitchen, Carpentry Works, and Vinyl Flooring.

"The modern rustic 5-room HDB features a striking flat feature wall design with laminate timber strips that add warmth and a natural touch to the space. The groove gaps in between the timber strips provide a practical solution for housing the TV player systems, creating a clean and neat look. A concealed feature wall door leads to a storeroom, keeping clutter at bay and maintaining a sleek appearance.

In the kitchen, we created an open concept that boasts open shelves and wine racks which also acts as a decorative display. The large island is perfect for entertaining or simply used as a casual dining space. A large mirror was incorporated to create an illusion of a larger visual space, adding to the overall modern and rustic aesthetic."

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