641C Tampines Street 62

  • Property Type: 5 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Hazlin Isahak
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Dark Luxury

  • DESIGNER: Hazlin Isahak
  • ADDRESS: 641C Tampines Street 62
Actual Project in DARK LUXURIOUS style at 641C Tampines Street 62, Singapore | Budget: $70,000 | Work Scope: Tiling works, False ceiling with spotlights and COB LED works, Electrical, Carpentry Works

"My clients, Khairi and Subaibah dreams of having a home in dark luxury concept without shrinking the space visually. Their home design has to be designed in such a way that it provided room for add on cabinetry when their children grows up in future and importantly, uncluttered spaces inviting room for exploration and play for the present.

In the living area, I have selected a matt finish non slip child safe homogenous tiles in cream grey contrasting to the rich, deep brown Vinyl overlay at dining area. The design is further accentuated by having spot lights and LED strips on cove ceiling, casting glows to the delicate patterns of the Vinyl floor veins and proposed laminate character. The cove ceiling design plays an important role in highlighting the elements of length and space. Amidst this dark allure, there’s a serene simplicity, carefully curated to provide design and functional, practical space.

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