633A Tampines North Drive 2

  • Property Type: 5 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Weiken
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  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: 633A Tampines North Drive 2
Actual Project in MINIMALIST style at 633A Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore | Budget: $75,000 | Work Scope: Hacked yard wall, 2 bathroom overlaying, Carpentry for whole house, False ceiling.

"The design concept for this home primarily revolves around the combination of bright and natural colors, such as white, gray, and light wood tones, to create a comfortable and homely atmosphere. When it comes to furniture and décor, there's a strong emphasis on selecting simple, modern designs, avoiding excessive ornamentation and intricate patterns to ensure a spacious and well-lit feel, making the most of natural light.

This interior design also incorporates curved elements into the space, endowing it with qualities of softness, fluidity, and comfort, while breaking away from rigid angles to create a warm ambiance. For instance, in the dining area and entrance, the use of curves not only enhances the flow of the space but also aids in creating visual focal points, guiding the eye and infusing the space with a more diverse and inviting feel.

Regarding spatial planning, a multi-functional area has been designed in the living room to allow homeowners to adapt its purpose as needed. This maximizes space efficiency, seamlessly integrating different activities and, in turn, meeting the homeowners' space requirements while promoting interaction among family members.

Such a minimalist and clean interior design seeks a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, providing a pleasant and serene living space, all while making daily maintenance and cleanliness convenient, ensuring the space retains its pristine appearance."

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