187 Bishan Street 13

  • Property Type: HDB
  • Designer: Jake Chew
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Modern Contemporary

  • DESIGNER: Jake Chew
  • ADDRESS: 187 Bishan Street 13
Actual Project in MODERN CONTEMPORARY style at 187 Bishan Street 13, Singapore | Work Scope: Major reconfiguration of walls, tiling, plastering, false ceiling, decking, glass railings, doors | Budget: $180,000.

"Among interior design styles, contemporary is the most forward-looking. My definition of contemporary is more of a blending of styles, and most importantly to make it feel like a home for my client. Clean lines and a natural colour palette are on display in this contemporary living room. By incorporating Glass railings to the interior adds a sense of exclusivity and elegance to a space.

While my client have plenty of wine bottles for display, introducing see through glass shelving to their kitchen design, where they are able to display their favourite wine glasses or a well-stocked wine rack to add character to the Dry Kitchen. They would also prefer to have a cosy and spacious Dry Kitchen to host family and friends over the weekends."

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