Teban Gardens

  • Property Type: 4 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Lucas Ngan
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  • DESIGNER: Lucas Ngan
  • ADDRESS: Teban Gardens
Actual Project in SCANDINAVIAN style at Teban Gardens, Singapore | Budget: $43,000 | Work Inclusive: Hacking, Tiling, Vinyl Flooring, Carpentry, Ceiling, Painting.

“Homeowners don't need to be too concerned with filling up every corner of a space with furnitures. Leaving spaces open and without labelling any particular function can provide flexibility to convert the space into a lounge, study room, and even a pets corner as and when needed.
Instead of using an entire room as a study room, consider the possibility of having the dining table functioning as a study table too. The idea of flexibility and merging of functions can make an apartment feel larger than it actually is.
If you have pets, do not forget to incorporate their lifestyles into your new home too, this can often lead to surprising and unique outcomes!”

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