Marine Terrace

  • Property Type: 3 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Christopher Tan
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  • DESIGNER: Christopher Tan
  • ADDRESS: Marine Terrace
Actual Project in MODERN style at Marine Terrace, Singapore | Work Scope: Hacking, Plumbing, Carpentry, Tiling, Vinyl, Painting | Budget: $38,000 | Suppliers: Hafary: Elj001 (ELJ00160S), Admira: Opal Grey (CAC 1027 T)

"As the house has got a smaller floor area, we applied the lighter colour palettes to make the space feel more spacious but cosy at the same time. The wall between the kitchen and the living room was also hacked to make the space look even more spacious and airy.

Addtionally, we used different Floor and Wall finishes to create the distinction between the Kitchen and Living areas. With respect to the furniture, we chose Grey coloured ones, to bring out a gentle contrast, thus make it feel more "alive and dimensional".

Last, but not least, you may notice a small Slope between the Living Area and Kitchen, as the homeowners were future-proofing the home for possible wheelchair access needs."

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