Jellicoe Road

  • Property Type: 4 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Weiken
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Dark Moody

  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: Jellicoe Road
Award-Winning Project
Actual Project in DARK MOODY style at Jellicoe Road, Singapore | Budget: $140,000 | Work Scope: Whole House Renovation, Hacking Works, Tiling / Masonry Works, Plumbing Works, False Ceiling / Dry Wall Partition / Plasterceil / Plastering Works , Carpentry Works , Glass / Mirror Works, Painting Works, Door Works.

“Dark Moody atmosphere by using darker hues of any color. Dark colors can be used to create soft and masculine space, full of moody elegance. It’s dark, but definitely not dull. Furniture alternates between cutting clean lines and embracing mysterious curves. The result offers a different visual experience from every angle.

Dark and light tones set the stage for a dramatic interior full of contrast and change. Silky grey floors reflect every ounce of sunlight that filters through the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, while gauzy curtains maintain the atmosphere even when drawn.

Soft mood lighting illuminates the grey furniture yet the black walls fade into the background to give the illusion of a spacious theater”.

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