Clementi Ave 5

  • Property Type: 5 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Chloe Goh
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Bali Resort

  • DESIGNER: Chloe Goh
  • ADDRESS: Clementi Ave 5
Actual Project in BALI RESORT style at Clementi Ave 5, Singapore | Budget: $50,000 | Work Scope: Masonry , Carpentry & Quartz works

"The concept of this design was originally developed from the natural timber flooring through the whole unit. With that as a main element of the unit, I took a further step to elevate the natural rustic-ness, by embracing more woodtone features (mostly at the dining and bedroom areas) for a bali-esque escapade. Additionally, living hall and kitchen were given a gentle touch of neutral tones to create the perfect balance of colours"

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