270 Toh Guan Road

  • Property Type: HDB
  • Designer: Lucas Ngan
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  • DESIGNER: Lucas Ngan
  • ADDRESS: 270 Toh Guan Road
Actual Project in CONTEMPORARY style at 270 Toh Guan Road, Singapore | Work Scope: Hacking, Tiling, Plumbing, Ceiling, Plastering, Carpentry, Painting, Doors, Windows.

"This project had a complete makeover from the previous home and that focuses on maintaining a basic colour palette of white, wood, and accents of gold. The intention was to create a clean, sophisticated, and create a clean canvass for me and the homeowners to effortlessly match their decors and furnishings. The white base helps to amplify textures such as marble grained tiles and form a timeless classy aesthetics while visually enlarging the common areas.

Within the master bedroom and common bedroom, bolder tones are used to reflect the personal preference of the homeowners. A contrasting palette of darker woods and velvet fabrics creates a distinct perimeter of a private space from the rest of the house.”

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