Terraced House

  • Property Type: LANDED
  • Designer: Weiken
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Cave Home

  • DESIGNER: Weiken
  • ADDRESS: Terraced House
Actual Project in the CAVE HOME style | Budget: $500,000.

"This project was meticulously chosen by the homeowner for its idyllic geographical setting. Nestled against the backdrop of Bukit Timah's hills, the house effortlessly bridges the gap between modern living and the serenity of nature. It provides the homeowner with a sense of dwelling in a tranquil and secure Cave, where the heart truly finds its place. Cradled in silence, the cave becomes the centrepiece of this interior design.

This project seamlessly incorporates authentic marble floor tiles and a marble TV wall, meticulously crafting an immersive atmosphere. The marble's polished and reflective surface serves as a conduit for natural light, infusing the space with radiance and serenity. Staying true to a harmonious colour scheme akin to the walls of a cavern, it ensures material consistency while embracing intricate detailing and well-defined layers, thus invoking a sense of 'stratification,' as if the passage of time has etched its story into every facet of this home. Through this thoughtfully designed space maintain an unbroken connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Caves in nature don't adhere to any fixed lines, and it's precisely the beauty of these irregular, organic lines that I've integrated into the design elements of this home. They mimic the layers of rock and earth found within a cave, seamlessly connecting the interior spaces of the house. These lines, much like the gentle streams within a cave, exude a serene and comforting aura that envelops the entire interior space.

In conclusion, this project exemplifies the harmonious marriage of modern design with the serenity of nature. It beautifully captures the essence of a tranquil cave, where the heart finds its home. It's a testament to the idea that a well-designed home truly becomes where the heart belongs."

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