Chempaka Kuning Link

  • Property Type: LANDED
  • Designer: Elaine Tan
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Dark Modern Luxury

  • DESIGNER: Elaine Tan
  • ADDRESS: Chempaka Kuning Link
Actual Project in DARK MODERN LUXURY style at Chempaka Kuning Link, Singapore | Work Scope: Hacking/ tiling/ electrical/ false ceiling / carpentry / glass / mirror/ plumbing/ painting/ carpentry.

"In creating a luxurious interior design with darker colors, carefully select rich hues like charcoal. Design a layered lighting scheme with ambient, accent, and task lighting to create a sophisticated ambiance. Incorporate glamorous metallic accents for a touch of elegance such as the hanging light. Enhance the space with decorative elements like ornate mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and reflective surfaces. Introduce contrasting textures and pay attention to intricate details for a refined and lavish aesthetic."

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