We Care

As a service- oriented company, Weiken.com created a We Care department as to significantly deal with cases such as before and after sales service.


Our Goal:
  • To have all customer’s concern address at all times.
  • To encourage valuable feedback for improvement.
  • To maintain and build good relationship with customers at all times.
  • To ensure proper closure for all case brought up by customers.
Our Objective:
  • To keep in tune with the wants and needs for our customers.
  • To react on time and providing alternative solution efficiently when problem arises.
  • To handle all cases on behalf of customer from technical support pertaining to renovation issue that involve authorities ie. HDB, BCA, Town council and commercial management.
  • To attend to all kinds of feedback without bias at all times.
  • To carry out routine inspection during renovation / project in progress.
  • To attend dispute mediation held by Case-Trust or RADAC organization.
  • To apply and submit all claims when necessary through court order under legal procedure.

Free Consultation Available Daily: 11am -9pm (Including PH)
We welcome all appointment and enquiries
Call Hotline: 6465 6656
Email: wecare@weiken.com.sg