My interior designer is Lucas Ngan. I wanted to do a major repair and reno of my 23 years old condo unit to make the environment safer and more conducive for my mother as well as for myself.

Lucas supervised the reno progress closely and keep me updated with photos and videos.

I searched through internet reviews to find and browsed through various Weiken interior designers past projects to identify Lucas as my potential interior designer. At the same time, I sourced for alternative quotation from another contractor. Eventually I selected Lucas though the proposal cost is higher than the alternative contractor. From the interactions on initial proposal, I can already feel the sincerity and attentiveness by Lucas.
I am glad that I have selected Lucas. He listened to understand my functional objectives for the reno and gave honest recommendations that meet my functional needs. He looked into details, and always get my views and agreements on his recommendations. I was pleasantly surprised that he discussed the kitchen-top height that suit our height, the locations and sequence of switches that is most functional and even worked with me to identify the optimum location and height of the toilet accessories and hand rails. In the whole process, I feel that I have full control and yet fully guided by Lucas.
Lucas supervised the reno progress closely and keep me updated with photos and videos. He would check and asked his team to rectify any unsatisfactory work and highlight to me. His team also responded very promptly to his rectification requests. I can trust him to manage the reno entirely and rest my mind on the progress. My old mother also praises Lucas. She feels that Lucas does consider her functional needs and is a honest, responsible interior designer. I agree with her.
We sincerely thank Lucas for devoting his time, going extra miles to meet our functional needs. I feel that the reno has been completed with a friend instead of by an interior designer I engaged.

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