3rd time we are returning to him, Derrius Koh.

Price, Weiken is definitely not known for being cheap. Quality and reliability, we trust Derrius to give us the best. This is not a sponsored post and we are by no way related to him or Weiken.

We ever went for a customized shoe cabinet through those IMM expo booths. Cheap? Yes, but it was a horror. Cabinet giving way in three years. Since then, we learnt our lesson.

We engaged Derrius twice for our first matrimonial home. 6 years past and all furnishing from Weiken still look the same as the first day they are set. We are sold to the quality.

When we encounter issue with carpentry, Derrius is always there to assist. For instance, my naughty kids breaking hinges off the cabinets and Derrius assisted to look for carpenter for us and this was way after the Reno period. Not free of course but help is there. He could have just brushed us off.

This round, again, we are very happy with what Derrius did for us. A big hole in the pocket but it’s what we dream of. We are thankful for his insistence on the aesthetic aspect despite our endless quotation slashes and yes the curved edges, expensive but yes, we get the safety aspect now and love how it soften the look.

Special thanks to Derrius! You are the BEST!

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