Jalan Membina

  • Property Type: 5 ROOM HDB
  • Designer: Lucas Ngan
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Modern Luxury

  • DESIGNER: Lucas Ngan
  • ADDRESS: Jalan Membina
Actual Weiken's Project in MODERN LUXURY style at 118C Jalan Membina, Singapore | Budget: $170,000 | Work Scope: Hacking, Tiling, Ceiling, Glass, Windows, Doors, Carpentry, Epoxy Grouting, Plumbing, Painting.

"Given the large space of a 5 Bedroom HDB and convenient location in central Singapore, a decision was made to do a complete makeover of the client's existing home of over 15 years. The main design direction was to exude an understated luxury, with an interesting requirement of minimising use of wooden textures. This resulted in a combination of pearlescent solids and marble tones to achieve the desired aesthetics.

The design anchor of the living room will certainly be a backlit stone veneer wall - which acts as a portrait painting when unlit, and almost a lantern of the space when lit up. Each of the rooms were then calibrated to fit the preference of each user, while maintaining colour coherence with rest of the unit. With smart home integrated in the living room, the home is also upgraded from a tech standpoint and further future proof the home for another decade or more.”

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